Bipasha wants marriage but John is not ready… The couple have finally called it quits…

John and Bipasha, the sexiest couple in Bollywood who had an unmatchable and impeccable chemistry, have sadly parted ways. And this time, It’s official..

Well, their remarkable 10-year-old relationship came to an end because of difference of opinions.

“They may still make an appearance together at an event but the fact is that they are no longer a couple,” says a source close to the couple. “The split was very much impending”, claims a close friend of theirs and adds, “Bipasha wanted marriage but John was not ready to be tied down. They were together for a decade, so the decision came naturally to Bipasha.”

The news became quite obvious because John and Bipasha no more made public appearances together.

0 thoughts on “Bipasha wants marriage but John is not ready… The couple have finally called it quits…

  1. Hmmm yeah, no offense but I’ll believe Bipasha on Twitter before I believe Celebden. There have been quite a few lies printed here in the past, so…

  2. John and Bipasha made a really good couple, that is sad if they broke up but I don’t how true the news is?hmmm still think John is hot though!

  3. bips you are one of the most beautiful women in the world.. you took the right decision by dumping the stupid man. he has the look but he doesn’t have a good heart which more important than anything.

  4. How sad I always admired this couple, must be hard to wipe away 10 years. Bips took the right decision a man who can’t keep his commitment ain’t worth it.

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