Bebo Dances To Sri's Tunes!!!

Paying tribute to the Dancing Queens seems to be the current trend at the Bollywood functions.Priyanka Chopra honored Madhuri Dixit by dancing at her songs. Kareena Kapoor is following the suit.

Kareena has agreed to pay tribute to yet another Bollywood sensation with golden feet- Sridevi at an award function. Bebo does not like to dance on other heroines’s songs and prefers her own. But this time it is different. Her best friend Ekta Kapoor was instrumental in convincing Ms. Kapoor to do the honors.

Kareena will dance on a medley of Sri’s songs like Hawa hawai, Morni bagamaa bole, Mere haatho mein nau nau chudiyaan hain, Nainon mein sapna etc. Manish Malhotra who had designed clothes for the past reigning queen, Sridevi, will also design clothes for the present one, Kareen Kapoor, for the show.

Let us hope Bebo brings the seduction of the Sultry Siren onto the stage!!!

11 thoughts on “Bebo Dances To Sri's Tunes!!!

    1. wound pus licker lizzy………..recently changed her sex to become a man and that’s why she knows a lot about women who lok like man………

      1. “IQ Excel” the troll doesn’t even know what sex it is because it changes IDs so much. It is a pathetic stalker and its exists only for the purpose of harassing more popular and brave people with its multiple coward IDs. A lame creature.

    2. Yup Lizzy… Kareena looks like a transvestite, probably a lot like that “IQ Excel” hag. I bet you that creature also loves that hideous shemale Sonakshi Sinha, too.

  1. Kareena is not a good dancer & can not carry Sridevi’s dance numbers, sorry fans of Kareena that is just the way I feel, It is nothing personal so do not take it that way please.

  2. Hema,Rekha,Sridevi, Madhuri and the gorgeous babe Aishwarya are all in leagues of their own ,so they will be copied but never duplicated!

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