Paichan Kaun???

Guess Who??
Yesterday’s answer: Preity Zinta

0 thoughts on “Paichan Kaun???

  1. Well done editor. After all the bashings he had recently on this site, you now want readers to sympathise his childhood. How much the Bachand family has donated for this rescue package?? Hit it right on the nail !!!!!!!!!!!……..havn’t I

    1. The one trick troll pony “Ram Balram” was invented to trash Abhishek just like its other previous incarnations. It is a spineless and pathetic creature that keeps getting defeated so all it can do is change names. It is a stalker and a sex-changing eunuch.

      The thing gets all giddy because Abhishek’s last 2 movies didn’t click at the box office… of course that happens all the time to actors, (for example, Salman’s virtually uninterrupted flop decade) but apparently “Ram Balram” has much higher expectations of Abhi than any other actor.

      So please “Ram Balram”… why don’t you tell us all about how much the Bachchan family has donated as a “rescue package” to help him out of his 2 film box office slump?

      1. “Ram Balram” = a total failure since the day it was created. How long will the troll subject us all to the boring familiar rantings of troll puppets under new names?

  2. We all r right AB jr……I like him becaause he is so family and careing person .Allah will bleass him and his familys …..

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