Only Madhuri Dixit can bring the 3 Khans together…..

The three Khans, Salman, Shahrukh and Aamir could have dinned together, if Madhuri Dixit had her way!

“I would love to invite Shah Rukh, Aamir and Salman to come and have food over at my place. I know Shah Rukh would always praise my cooking, Aamir would give me advice on how the food could be a little better which would help me improve, and Salman would just say ‘where’s the food, give it to me quickly’,”
Madhuri told the press in New Delhi while launching celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s new 24-hour food channel “Food Food”.

If the Khans could make it to the actress’s place, they would be hogging on a sumptuous meal whipped up by Madhuri’s husband, Dr Sreeram Nene!

“He loves to cook. It’s a natural art. Like I have the affinity for dance, he has natural affinity for cooking. He is also a fast learner. He’s the one who aroused my interest in cooking and thanks to him I have become a good cook,” says Madhuri.

18 thoughts on “Only Madhuri Dixit can bring the 3 Khans together…..

  1. * is she going to invite shah rukh khan * salman n aamir because if she is not this is not very big news * it is just her hope*

  2. If Madhuri or her husband cooks diiner for all of the Khans, she better keep a close watch on Salman and make sure he does not poison the King of Bollywood Shah Rukh’s food, that would be weird if he got “food poisoning right after!

  3. she is a very nice lady but her looks are not what it was once. she should stiick to taking care of her family rather then running after fame.

    1. I dnt want to hear anything bad about madhuri.
      She is the best. and deserves to be where she is today.
      Prakash Go fuck ur asssssssss

  4. heyyy i hve just heard that aishwariya won ” ghanta” award for her worst acting in Ravannnn”

    m not lying you can check it ,,,,

    1. subh did you do alot of vote rigging there too? you been very busy huh? all these projects for you right and left? hehe don’t mind! did you know Ash won favorite star of 2010 on Desifans, and than Shah Rukh placed #2 and Salman did not make it .

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