Priyanka in 'Dhoom 3'…

News is that, Priyanka Chopra will be seen along side Aamir Khan in YRF’s Dhoom 3. It is heard that atlks are going on between Priyanka and Yash Raj Films.

According to a source, “YRF has a very good professional working relationship with Priyanka. Yash Chopra and Aditya are both keen that she should play the girl opposite Aamir.”

Adds the source, “Priyanka has acted in many action films. Dhoom 3 has a lot of action. Hence, Priyanka fits the bill.”

Rumors has it that Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone are strong contenders for PC, but sources say, “Priyanka is most likely to beat them to the post.”

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  1. I think it would be great if Ash and Hrithik could of reprised their super hit paring in Dhoom 2 and be cast alongside Aamir and Priyanka, wow that would be good casting, and of course tall , dark and handsome Abhishek should also be there, now the movie would not be complete without him!

  2. All is well except replace AB. He just does not fit the bill. In fact he never did but family influence etc has kept him in but for how long!!!!!!!!

    1. “Ram Balram” the one-trick puppet, no matter how much you try to invent reality and rewrite the past, the fact remains that Abhishek will be in Dhoom 3, and it will be a hit.

      It won’t be his first hit, and it won’t be his last. So what if his last 2 movies weren’t hits? Look at Salman Khan, he was flopping for most of the past decade. As long as Salman has a hit every 10 years he is able to survive in the industry. So don’t worry about Abhi if his last 2 films didn’t do well.

      1. It does not matter whether he is in it or not – he has been overshadowed by the villains in both part 1 & 2 and aamir will steal every scene from him in 3!!!

  3. wow….great news!!!…love u Priyanka…..u r far far far better then Kat…..ur always my fav.
    amir and priyanka…awesome.!!!…
    though im not quite sure about the other two/non actors……anyways……Mr Rai and udoy must be in cloud nine……finally they are going to taste a hit/BB at the B.O.

    1. LOL… Dhoom 3 starring Abhishek will be a BIG BIG hit with or without Priyanka or Aamir. Try not to let it bother you too much or you’ll get even sicker.

      Oh and if you’re trying to call Abhishek a non-actor… maybe you’re just tasting the sour grapes of having to hear that constantly about your non-actor Hero Salman. Abhishek has done all types of roles and he has taken chances as an actor. Salman only plays the same role over and over again… himself, the dumb bad “boy”. That can’t be called acting.

      1. Hi Kitty, ummm the lead roles of Dhoom are hot guys like Hrithik, John and Abhishek so I guess poor Salman can never star in the Dhoom series after all he is a balding senior citizen .
        well maybe he can play the side kick role that Uday Chopra does, hmmm yes that sounds good , but he might have a hard time keeping up when Abhishek and him are chasing the bad guys , how are they going explain all that huffing and puffing the out of shape Salman is doing in the movie?

    1. No way – that stupid accent she had and the crap acting would guarantee everyones toes curled and we cringed our way through the film – fresh villains needed and Priyanka will be good in it

      1. sorry madam dhoom 2 set the box office on fire because of Aishwarya ‘s star power and beauty there is just no denying that, the collections of the movie speak for itself, the male population did not go see the movie for Hrithik or even Bipasha. I went fida over Aishwarya

        1. “dhoom 2 set the box office on fire because of Aishwarya ‘s star power”….hahaha….very funny…….what she was doing actually !! …….

          1. Besides setting the box office on fire? I guess she was setting men’s hearts on fire! Well, excluding those “special” kinds of men that would drool over topless photos of Salman Khan I suppose…

          2. pig face old man rivers………………………………go kitfelying homosexual old man………………….

      2. “Zizi” = crap acting… flop character… take your meds for your multiple personality syndrome and get well soon! Oh and please don’t try to give us any fresh villains! You can only do stale, halfbaked characters anyway…

      3. hahaaha Zizi/ Zaara could you be any more jealous, hmmmmmmmm speaking of cringe worthy remember Rani and her annoying crying she did in Babul , not only is she unattractive , she over acts ! maybe she has all those bags under her eyes from all this fake crying , Can you imagine Rani doing a glamour sexy role like Ash in Dhoom 2 even though she is Aditya Chopra’s mistress he still did not cast her in his Dhoom movies, I guess he tried giving Rani the sexy image with Dil Bole Hadippa and burned his hands , Rani was laughed all the way out of the theaters with everyone calling her Shahid ‘s aunty to people calling her a old cougar.

        poor Aditya Chopra knows better now to stick with actresses that can act as well as look beautiful that is why he picked Ash and Priyanka.

    2. my sentiments exactly, Aishwarya sizzled in dhoom 2 she was the highlight for me . now all the other leading ladies want to try their hand at the dhoom series after Aishwarya made it trendy before one only saw Esha Deol in these movies, they may do more collections of dhoom but Aishwarya has set the bar for hotness so high that one can not be duplicated.

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