Bollywood Poll: Best & Worst Dressed @ Filmfare Awards 2011?

Who according to you was Best & Worst Dressed at the Filmfare Awards 2011?

55 thoughts on “Bollywood Poll: Best & Worst Dressed @ Filmfare Awards 2011?

  1. And the worst actor in the poll goes to :-

    Vidya balan – 5 votes

    Runner ups:-

    Neha Dhupia – 3 votes

    Katrina kaif – 2 votes

    Dia mirza and urmila matondkar – 1 vote

  2. Ok guys so the best dressed actor in this poll goes to :-

    Katrina Kaif – 17 votes

    Runner Ups :-

    Urmila Matondkar – 8 votes

    Dia Mirza – 7 votes

    Vidya Balan – 1 votes

    Neha Dhupia – 0 vote

  3. katrina just rock. i love the neckline, a little daring but not too low, just…perfect.
    vydia should move on. she already had this look last year. i’m fed up with her black saris

  4. Best dressed at Filmfare Awards was Aishwarya Rai Bachchan… in her white glittering sari she looked as timeless and gorgeous as the Taj Mahal. A classic Indian beauty.

      1. Troll, you made up a new name to ask me that? Why? What are you afraid of?

        Anyway, what are you talking about? Are you really that in awe of Aishwarya’s beauty that you don’t think God could have made someone so gorgeous? Too bad so many heroines like Sushmita, Bipasha, Priyanka, Kangna, etc, etc, have gone in for multiple surgical “enhancements” to feel beautiful but I guess they must feel like ugly ducklings next to beautiful Aishwarya!

  5. vidya should try a different outfit. shes always in sareees !!!!!!!!!! vidya get fashionalble plllz
    urmila and kat sizzelssss/………………
    diya looks good as well

  6. vidya should try a different outfit. shes always in sareees !!!!!!!!!! vidya get fashionalble plllz
    urmila and kat sizzelssss/………………
    diya looks good as well

  7. Aish is not amoung these ladies but she was defiantely the best dressed of them all. Vidya and Dia looked good too but Kat and that other chicks just didn’t look all that cool for me.

  8. Katrina looks superb. Urmila looks good.
    Vidya should try something else than sarees. She looks older than her age with this kind of sarees all the time.
    … Neharika, what have you done yaar… ash fans will come to you in a minute crying ‘where is ash? pool is not complete without ash!’ Please add her to the pool before making them cry.

    1. Kareena the stalker puppet, the poll asked who was best dressed at Filmfare, and anyone who wants to vote for Aishwarya will vote for Aishwarya. She WAS at the Filmfare Awards. And many people will say she was best dressed. So you and your clones can go cry some more because no matter how many names you use to troll Celebden, Aishwarya is the Queen of Bollywood.

        1. old ugly………………..dired up ugly wrinkled grandma………………Katrina looks like a bimbo………….some slut………………….Aishwarya ……………is best… pack your packs old lady……………….because I am sending you kiteflying.


        3. “Kareena” the stalker puppet, you already voted so I don’t know why you’d push your vote on me? Anyway I’m not interested in you, why don’t you follow that “Zaara” character and melt like the cheese that you are?

    2. poor Kareena, if Neharika puts Ash’s name in the poll she always wins so I guess she was trying something different but look at this Ash still won, so wipe those tears Kareena, but you must be used to crying your eyes out at all the polls Ash has won by now!

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