Bollywood Poll: Most disappointing flick of 2011, till date…

Which is the most disappointing flick of the year 2011, till date???

18 thoughts on “Bollywood Poll: Most disappointing flick of 2011, till date…

  1. My Name Is Khan was totally disappointing and annoying, why that name is not in the list, because either SRK gives money to all these stupid reporters or who ever they are or something else. SRK’s name is hardly in these kinda feedbacks. SRK sucks and Karan Johar sucks big

  2. From what I gather Dhobhi Ghat is a huge disappointment for Aamir Khan productions. But apparently it was made on no budget so it’s not the end of the world if nobody watched it.

    As long as he gets an Oscar nom, that’s all he cares about anyway.

  3. this site is indeed bad,3 out of 5 have produced alot of maoney,infact dhobi ghat is a world cinema…Aamir rOcks..!!!!!!

  4. how can u just take the majority of the films that have released this year and say that they’re dissapointing, 4 of them r going well at the box office and hav gotten good reviews… srsly find a better poll… perhaps better question would be which is the best film so far in 2011

  5. How can you have films like Yamla Pagla Deewana and No one killed Jessica in this poll?????
    They are far from being disappointing flicks!
    Dhobi Ghat is different and good. Can Aamir be disappointing? Never.
    Dil Toh Baccha Hai ji: too early to tell…
    Turning 30!!! there were no expectations … so no disappointment either.

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