SRK gets chappals as a gift from Pakistan…

A Pakistani cousin of Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan wants to gift the actor a pair of slippers.

Noor Jehan, who is the daughter of Shah Rukh’s paternal uncle, is eager to meet the star after a long gap of 13 years. If she indeed meets SRK, she’s got a special gift for him: a pair of chappals.

Why chappals, of all things in the world. Noor Jehan reveals it’s only on SRK’s request.

“During an earlier visit to Peshawar, Shah Rukh bought a pair of chappals that he used for about seven years,” Noor Jehan is quoted as saying. The longevity of the footwear apparently prompted SRK to ask Noor Jehan’s brother Mansoor to bring another pair. When Mansoor visited India in 2001, he brought three pairs for SRK.

Now, Noor Jehan too has brought chappals for SRK.

She’ll be in Delhi in the first week of Feb and then approach SRK.

9 thoughts on “SRK gets chappals as a gift from Pakistan…

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