Madhuri turns down Anil Kapoor's offer….

Madhuri Dixit has refused to play the role of a mommy to Sonam Kapoor in the desi remake of Mark Water’s film Freaky Friday.

Said a source very close to Madhuri, “When Anil Kapoor offered her Sonam’s mother’s role Madhuri was in two minds. She felt hesitant about playing mother to a girl in her 20s.

At the same time, Madhuri also felt awkward about turning down Anil’s offer, an actor with whom she has shared a very warm relationship in the past. So she decided to first watch Freaky Friday.

But yesterday Madhuri decided that the role would not suit her, especially after her last abortive attempt at a comeback in Aaja Nachle. Many protest posts were put up on a social networking site against Madhuri playing mom to Sonam.”

Says Madhuri’s Indian business manager Rakesh Nath, “After much thought Madhuri has decided not to do the Indian remake of Freaky Friday. She will inform Anilji about her decision as soon as he returns from South Africa.”

9 thoughts on “Madhuri turns down Anil Kapoor's offer….

  1. She lives in the USA, her kids go to school there, her husband works there… we don’t want to see another Karisma Kapoor being selfish and abandoning her family for a few last crumbs of fame… time to move on, Mads.

    1. Agree with you here Shine.
      Sonam could easily play Madhuri’s mother’s role. Madhuri is too stunning to play Sonam’s mother.

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