Most awaited flick of 2011???

Which of these 6 flicks listed above, you cannot wait to watch???

66 thoughts on “Most awaited flick of 2011???

  1. RA.ONE for sure, koyie shak?????? can’t wait sharukh, and alll the bestttttttt… love you alot,,,hit hit hit, ra one…

  2. Delly belly,bodyguard,Ready,rOckstar,mere brOther ki dulan,agent vinod and ofcourse aamir’s new signing after historic 3idiots are most awated movies of the year. Don sucked and now its sequal gona suck too,srk will disappoint with Ra1.

  3. i’m a srk fan but afraid he’s gonna disappoint us like he did with his last movies. I think he is not far away to tell the world honestly that he love man. that’s why his movies flop he’s too much in contradicktion

    1. Shahrukh’s movies are just flopping left right and centre, huh? You sure that you’re an SRK fan? Maybe you’re just a confused Salman fan that forgot its name (again) before commenting, because Salman is the “actor” whose movies have been flopping all over for the past decade. And dude, you sure sound like a fan of that gay icon Salman because you guys keep trying to say happily married men (like Abhi too) are gay… Compensating for something maybe?

        1. Oh, now you’re playing a boy character? Whatever helps you to get girls I guess. Sorry, not interested in eunuchs like you so move along…

    2. This guy or may be (GAY) is a another riksawala fan. As in salmon fan sri doesnot nd to prove anything to ass lyk u. So talk to the hand. Srk rocks. And who cares he is a gay or what. Till he is the hukum ka ace of bollywood So just shut up

  4. (Ra 1)only SRK …
    SRK is one & only No-1 bollywood star all time.
    after (RA-1) next best film is (DON-2)
    All the way Best film in 2011.
    I hop srk very very good luck.
    All the best.

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