Gauri Attends Sohail's Birthday Bash

We know that both the superstars have not been on talking terms for so long now (since 2002 I suppose). But, the diplomatic relationship between the two seems to be alright (the reason why Sallu appeared in Om Shanti Om).

And now, it looks like even Gauri Khan is trying to patch up the relationship between the two. Well, don’t know if it was a diplomatic mission, but Gauri was at the birthday bash of Sohail Khan on Malaika’s invitation.

Gauri and Malaika (Arbaaz Khan’s wife) are good friends, the reason why the former decided to show up. And guess, what? The party went on smoothly with no issues whatsoever from Salman’s side.

Looks like this diplomatic mission could work! Fingers crossed.

6 thoughts on “Gauri Attends Sohail's Birthday Bash

  1. Sohail Khan… why is he in Bollywood again? What a flop actor, only rivalled as a flop actor by Arbaaz Khan. What a cheap and talentless family. Only reason why this even made news on Celebden is that Neharika got to say the word “Sallu”.

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