Freida Pinto on Harper's Bazaar Dec'10 issue…

Freida Pinto on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar[December 2010]

Like the cover???

14 thoughts on “Freida Pinto on Harper's Bazaar Dec'10 issue…

  1. That’s nice. Come back with your regular ID, troll. If you have the guts. Which you don’t, do you coward? Poor troll, afraid of Kitty? Sad.

  2. Hi Kitty the stupid troll. Your name is not patented here… BTW am Kitty Kat do you have @#$ problem. Read completely or do you need help with reading glasses. Dumbhead

  3. Freida has definetly spread her leg up the ladder of fame. 1st her director fiance of 5 yrs , than Dev Patel, and god knows who else?????

  4. @6, behind where? Freida looks pretty here but both her movies YWMATDS and Miral flopped with critics and at the box office.

    She may do better with her other movies in 2011 especially if she stops dissing India and BW.

  5. Oh and to the troll that’s trying to get my attention on the Frieda Pinto articles by using my name to comment, why don’t you just make your point if you have one?

    Just use your regular ID, and don’t bother with fake ID’s like “Disgusting Frieda”. If you want to come out and say that you think that she’s a “typical middle-class Mangalorean wannabe”, or whatever you say, just say whatever and don’t be a coward and use my name, or some dumb fake “Disgusting” ID.

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