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What do you think the ending of this story will be??? Will is be a typical Sanjay Leela Bansali’s flick or will Hrithik and Ash unite in the end???

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  1. I agree with these others Sanjay seems to like sad endings but does anyone know who plays Aishwarya`s husband the movie.movie will be a blockbuster

  2. @ 18 sam… another flop character, you got flops on the brain, nobody asked you about whether the movie will do well or not so go flop around elsewhere.

    Anyways, back to the point… I think this will be a typical SLB ending where the married lady doesn’t cross the line. Though I think in Devdas she wanted to but he died. And in HDDCS, she wanted to, but then she changed her mind. So we’ll see what they do with it this time around. Should be interesting.

  3. in whole movie hrithik stays on wheelchair…some parts are copy of prestige movie from Hollywood…its going to be a slow and dam type of movie…so its not going to do well

  4. i think it will have sad ending considering she is married in the movie and Sanjay always go for marriage bonds like in HDDCS and Devdas, besides the health condition of Hrithik in the movie it;s a hopless case but we’ll enjoy it anyhow.

  5. some people wanna kill of the hot hero Hrithik so they can have clear shot at the Queen of Bollywood Ash,lol!but lets wait and see,either way this movie will rock with Aishwarya and Hrithik.Hi all Ash fans

  6. i guess i already know about it…i read somewhere dat guddu will die at the end…after living his life fully as a musician and as a patient ….there will be nothing left for him to live…sooo at the end he will ask to kill him..:)

  7. I don’t think that this movie is gonna have a typical happy ending. I think some1 is gonna die. Most likely him cause he is already in a chair and some kind of miscommunication with happen and she is gonna live unhappily ever after with her onscreen husband. I am assuming it’ll be a sad ending. Kind a like a movie/story that gets to you in the end. Like Devdas. I think the story is gonna be different not everybody is gonna understand. Slow paced movie. There is enough buzz with the music, song and Leela’s name attached to this project. I am expecting the unexpected. I like Sanjay’s movies. He’s very artistic, he has a totally different vision as far as movies go.

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