Poll of the day: Hush Hush relationship…

Which couple according to you is in a relationship and is keeping hush hush about it???

37 thoughts on “Poll of the day: Hush Hush relationship…

  1. siddhart looks all stupid and does not care that someone is taking his picture and deepika is being a whore trying to look all nice.

  2. If Katrina and Ranbir are actually in a relationship, the I would say Katrina and Ranbir. They’ve done an amazing job because there is rarely any news of them toegther.

  3. shahid n priyanka loks sooooo effin hootttt not even funny and the gay boy ranbir n ugly horse shyttt katrina looks pale n like shyt..dont understand y the F they keep it secrets when every1 noes der goin out wid eachother…..but deepika’s new bf he hot too cute cute better than the shyt ranbirr good job deeps:)

  4. Shahid and priyanka – YES fame whoring couple only show pda when ones film is coming out.. once its not a hit they try to be hush hush the only reason they dont admit it is because they want all of us guessing! they are disgusting Harman would have been better for Priyanka!

    Deepi and Sid – DUH!!!!!!!

    Ranbir and katrina – I HOPE SO i really think they would b a good couple salman is koo but he needs a wife that is not in the industry!

    Soha and what’s his name – who cares! =P

  5. Wl kunal nd soha i thnk sm ppl know. Same wiv sid nd deepika they hv bn spotd 2gether bt hvnt acceptd! So 4 me itz priyanka nd shahid! Nd ranbir n kat! If they r nt 2gther nw there wl b in nxt few monthz. But i thnk ranbir nd kat r 2gther. In a mre serious nd committed relationship than deepika nd ranbir!

  6. ranbir and priyanka looking great together ,i pray god they are real coupel in life …
    Anjaana Anjaani Rock yaar
    is very nice movie and priyanka and Ranbir are best jodi as Ranbir and Katrina …

  7. Shahid/Priyanka: who knows? They live in the same building and they do hang out, that much we know.

    Kat/Ranbir: who knows? Maybe Ranbir is the one who gave Salman the bloody eye? LOL

    Deepika/???: They are for sure an item and she’s smart not to talk about it this time.

    Soha/Kunal: They are definitely dating and I thought they were engaged?

    @11: Ya sure if you could bring on your proof that Amitabh and Rekha are in a hush hush relationship then go right ahead…

  8. Hey Where is rekha and amith they are still in a hush hush relationship she even married him in switzerland…during shootin…
    That s the biggest secret…
    Have you never noticed some Occasions rekha would wear a sindoor on her head…..
    thy v kept it a secret so many years….
    I got proof…believe me

  9. Well I don’t think Deepika and whatzis name is all that hush, hush considering they’re being photographed together frequently.

    I don’t think Kat and RK – he’s too frightened of mummy dearest!

    Not sure abt Soha / Kunal – they did deny it at one time – they’re cute tho.

    BTW who’s in the first pic? Is that Sharman with ???

  10. I don’t like see Shahid and Priyanka as a couple. But I like both if they are just friend.

    I don’t believe they are in a relationshif before Shahid say to the public :) :)

  11. deepika and her boyfriend are the best..
    kat has just a flat face and i hate ranbir for having left deepika… he is just gay.

  12. Katrina and Ranbir they look good together but if their relationship is true then it confirms both are shallow people and disgusting.

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