Is Shahrukh trying to copy Rajinikanth?

A chase sequence shot atop a train in Ra.One has startling similarity to the sequence in Endhiran The Robot when Rajini runs laterally on a moving train to save his ladylove from goons. Since the fans have enjoyed the chase sequence in Robot a lot, there are going to be obvious comparisons, and probably accusations of plagiarism, when they see SRK doing the same in Ra.One.

Further, the allegations would get credibility given the fact that director Shankar had first approached SRK for Robot and had even discussed the film in detail.

To avoid such allegations, SRK has given clear instructions to the creative team to make the chase sequence on the train in Ra.One as different as can be from the one in Robot.

But would SRK be able to outshine, if not match, Rajinikanth’s style?

32 thoughts on “Is Shahrukh trying to copy Rajinikanth?

  1. all idiots talking bad words on this movie are ‘stupid north indian narrow minded assholes’, whom are not able to digest the ‘creativity/ hard working’ of few gentlemen, who are also Indian. You guys need to open up and USE your brain this time (may be the First Time in your life)…..don’t live like this alwayz… are degrading India…

  2. Robot..Rajnikant, 60 years old ugly chap turns into robot :)

    Dude just wait till the RA1 releases it will outshine Robot and Dabang shabang :)

  3. oh shut up comment no#24 Sahni- how can u watch RA one which hasn’t been released yet dumb ass n i meant both movie falls into same category (science fic.)so ppl mite not like it. And SRK OVER ACT! GOT IT!

  4. Until we have seen the scene or movie you can not call it a copy and why would shahrukh want to copy the robot scene it makes no sense.

  5. FYI no#23 Bststyle or watever ur name is…i also saw both movies…to ur information i find RA 1 better than just shut up…

  6. yooo ppl…please dont cmopare an man 80 or above dats rajni with srk plzzz dont…cuz rjni sucks his dick and is a loser…srk is above and da best…dats why the director of robot came to srk when he refused then they went to da loser rajni…robot is kool but rajnikanth is not….and im sure since i read alot dat srk is working hard and trying his best the movie will succeed…so srk rocks

  7. listen it will b a flop cuz ppl won like to see the same thing agen n agen – we recently saw robot n now RA one

    almost same category so RA ONE is flop-i bet

  8. I watched Robot and it sucked. To this date no indian, pakistani or any asian movies can compare to the technology used in Hollywood. Even Hollywood movies from 70 are milestones ahead of Bollywood movies from 2010. Quite amusing when it’s actually Asians who are the top technicians is Hollywood.

  9. Umm… isn’t the on-top-of train scene pretty standard? (at least in Hollywood!)

    Didn’t they do it in Dhoom 2? And besides SRK has Chaiyya Chaiyya on the train, and now I hear they are copying that for a song in “Welcome”…

  10. well I don`t know who will outshine whom,all I know is Shah rukh rocks so I am looking forward to Ra.One .@11 I guess you could rest your hands today loser there is no Queen of Bollywood Ash news today,so you get a day of rest you need it after all the name creating you did!

  11. Srk not match rajni robot. srk always make new and amazing statement he didn,t make any copy.srk train sequence not compare match rajni robot train sequence srk watched robot ..his is diffrent all set slated 3 june 2011..raj

  12. I think that SRK has more audiences than Rajni (cause he is in Bollywood) so he will get more exposure but I donno if he will outshine the guy cause Rajni did work very hard for his Robotic movie (hair piece and all).

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