Salman Khan's top 10 Superhits….

In Bollywood, the Khans have always dominated the top slot. And one of them is our daring and dashing, Salman Khan, who has emerged as the unpredictable superstar, by delivering a whopping, unrivaled box office success at regular intervals.

Talking about his super hit flicks, listed below are Salman’s Top 10 blockbusters…

Maine Pyar Kiya (1989):

Released in 1989, Salman Khan had his first commercial success with this flick. He went on to win a Filmfare Best Male Debut Award for his performance. The movie not just made him the worlds heartthrob overnight, but also heavily influenced impressionable future directors like Karan Johar.

Saajan (1991):

Released in 1991, the film stars Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri Dixit and Salman Khan in leading roles. This movie was another superhit for Salman Khan. Suddenly there was a barrage of ‘Saajan’ led titles and ‘love triangles’ in the Bollywood market.

Hum Aapke Hain Kaun (1994):

This movie, forced the audience to visit theaters. Hum Aapke Hain Kaun is considered to be one of the most successful Hindi films ever. Despite minimal promotion and limited screen release, Hum Aapke Hain Kaun- celebrating Indian culture using modern production values and its lavish depictions of North Indian wedding ceremonies, went on to make box office history.

Karan Arjun, (1995)

This flick is a mix of an upbeat Bollywood musical, religious overtones and an action movie. It is one of the highest earning films of five separate years during his career, making a gross of 357,000,000 Rs at the box office ranking it as a blockbuster. For Karan Arjun, Salman gave up his usual lover-boy ways to play a strong, silent type flexing his newly beefed-up physique.

Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, (1999)

This film went on to become a major critical success, and earned Sallu another Best Actor nomination at the Filmfare. The film was a hit at the box office, becoming the third highest grossing of the Bollywood films of 1999. It also did well in the foreign box office. Salman Khan’s performance is considered as one of the best in his career.

Biwi No 1 (1999):

He cries. He lies. He cheats. And still somehow manages to be the hero of the film. A David Dhawan’s flick having Salman play the lovable bad boy with such tickling energy, it’s hard to stay unimpressed.

Tere Naam (2003):

The new millennium wasn’t all that memorable for the actor as he was drowned in controversies. Yet this difficult and dry spell finally came to an end with his dramatic portrayal of Radhe Mohan in Satish Kaushik’s Tere Naam. The film was a major earner and his performance was praised by critics, with film critic Taran Adarsh noting, “Salman Khan is exceptional in a role that fits him to the T. He breathes fire in sequences that demand uneasiness. But beneath the tough exterior lies a vulnerable person and this facet in particular comes to the fore in the latter reels. His emotional outbursts are splendid..”.

Partner (2007)

David Dhawan’s favourite boys came together in Partner which opened to a positive response. The film did extremely well in Rajasthan where it broke several records. According to box office India, it was the first blockbuster of Bollywood in the year 2007. It grossed Rs. 118.1 crores in India, $1.1 million in the U.S, and £1.837 million in the U.K.

Wanted (2009):

The flick was declared a smash hit in its first weekend of release itself. It was one of 2009’s biggest hits with approximately Rs. 33.5 crore collection. The movie got more recognition for its slick action sequences performed by the actor himself.

Dabangg (2010):

The current favorite and the record breaking, Dabangg, tops the list. Upon release, the film went on to become the highest opening day grosser as well as the highest weekend grosser of all time at the box office, breaking both the previous records held by 3 Idiots. The Dabangg fever refused to seize.

Khan has thus established himself as one of the most prominent leading actors of Hindi cinema.

Agree/Disagree??? Pour in your comments below :)

75 thoughts on “Salman Khan's top 10 Superhits….

    1. yes i agree with u his all movies are perfect bcoz he always gives a different kind of acting according to me his all movies are blockbuster but mine most favourite are

      tere naam
      hum saath saath hain
      hum ap k hain kaun
      mane pyar kiya
      mane pyar kun kiya
      hum dil de chukay sanam
      karan arjun
      hum tumharay hain sanam
      biwi no.1
      kuch kuch hota hai
      dil tera ashiq
      yeh hai jalwa
      pathar ke phool
      janam samjha karo
      dulhan hum le jayen gay
      mr & mrs khanna
      pyar kiya tou darna kya
      har dil jo pyar kare ga
      chori chori chupkay chupkay
      sangdil sanam
      biwi ho tou asi
      god tussi great ho
      shadi kr k phans gaya yaar
      dil ne jisay apna kaha
      mari gold
      tumko na bhul payen gay
      jane mann
      london dreams
      dewana mastana(guest appearnce)

      actually all movies


  1. yah! ofcourse i completely agree and those who don’t like him who cares abt there opinion i hav seen all his movies and not a single movie was flop fOr me he always do a veriety of acting in his every new movie.MAY GOD GIVE HIM SUCCESS IN ALL HIS COMMING MOVIES.

  2. Woaaaah, needed a break so thought I’d do a little browsing on this website. Read the first comment, then the second and then pretty much aaall the way down to 59. Anything to put off Physics for as long as I can, hehe. 😀 This is some really creepy stuff. 😛 OBSESSED much?

    I’m a huuuuuuge Salman Khan fan. There’s obviously something about him that draws people to him. Loved HAHK. And my current favorite,, DABANNG! Ah-mazing.

  3. Has improved a lot over the years. I still recall the days when he was peforming for new year eve and had four other dancers as acompany and not surprisingly was not just the worst amongst them all but looked intolerably irritating. Acting is not his game and everyone said so until no one really wanted to take panga unnecessarily. He is atleast tolerable now having gained in confidence over the years. Successful star, Oh yes he is. His rate of sucees probably is third fourth best after Akshay, Shahid and Hrithik. Not surprising the best two are not even average actors. Since Anil Kapoor probably no top notch actor has been top star. Very improved Aamir is probably very near.

  4. Yup… thought so. So much for your gud examples.

    Salman can’t act, isn’t able to deliver award-worthy performances, and you know it Bestyled! Thanks for offering examples, too bad you couldn’t think of any! :)

  5. Bestylish you call that a gud example? He acted serious and sober in Karan Johar? Where in Karan Johar? In his ass? And nope, he can’t play the college boy anymore but that don’t stop him from trying, and making a fool out of himself. Like I said, he can only play himself, the dumb bad boy.

    The other heroes of today have all experimented with their roles, and poor dumb Salman is stuck in the 90s! He sucks!

  6. if he is going to play a college studnets in all his up coming films, he can play such roles because he looks way younger than his age and he smells good unlike SRK.

  7. SALMAN KHAN WHO INTRODUCED BOLLYWOOD FILM INDUSTRY THE MEANING OF ‘FASHION’ & ‘ 6 PACK’! i dont hate srk but i think salman is a better actor than him & better human being.

    Kitty let me giv u gud example – Salman can do any roles. He can be a play the role of college boy in sajan which was brilliantly act, he can be do serious & sober role in Karan Johar which was again a block buster. Do u need more example u dumb ass?


  8. i usually dont leave comments but this one i totally agree that salman khan has thus established himself as one of the most prominent leading actors of Hindi cinema..his journey in this industry introduce us people what bollywood is all abt.. i am an africian native but i reside in US minneasota but yet i rather watch hindi movie then english unless that english movie is most talk abt..its not only my generation that knows who salman is even my grama who totally have no clue or idea abt movies yet will watch n know who salman n govinda is n watch the intired movie with us, as long as salman is in it or govinda…bcoz of him i totally learned how to speak hindi so that i dont have to read subtiles…how sweet rite lol anyways i just wanna let y’all know that salman KHAN is loved around the globe & his is as popular as the great man the king of pop Micheal Jackson RIP….i met Mj when i was 10 & i was thrilled & hope to met u so i can be imazed…. Inshallah…

  9. Yawn, troll @ 47: You seem to know alot about what goes on at this website 24/7, considering we’ve never seen your name before…

    You spineless troll, coming here to trash me? I use the same name every time, and you always change yours, loser!

    And as for Salman’s fans, they can’t argue his case because he is a bad actor, and as we saw with his terrorism comments, dumb as a rock. All they can manage in response is:
    under 30 user names. LOL!

  10. OK, people really need to learn to spell.

    PS:People need to accept that not everyone will agree with them.

    This weirdo Kitty dislikes Salman very much that she or he is on this website 24/7 bashing him, cause he or she has nothing better to do.

    Any then there is that person who keeps changing their name and bashing him as well.

    Then there are his fans, where they let join in the arguments.

    Kids these days…

  11. troll @ 36: Forgot to mention that Salman played a student in Veer and according to media reports will be playing a student in his upcoming ripoff of yet another Tamil movie.

  12. troll @ 35: My list is my own personal worst of Salman’s. Whether Lucky made money or not, he was still a creepy pedophile in it according to me. Make your own “Worst Of Salman” list if you don’t like mine. And Prem Ka Game was sold on Salman’s name to prop up his flop brother Arbazz.

    troll @ 36: SRK plays an actor in OSO and an office worker in RNBDJ. Get your facts straight fool.

    troll @ 39: KKHH was Salman’s movie? LOL, how pathetic are you? That movie ushered in the age of Shahrukh Khan, and Salman’s head is still spinning.

    @ Singh: Kitty is also pleased with your comments.

  13. #42,,,,hey sardar” shut up,,,,nw ur new name is singh is pig””,,,,hehehelllllooooolllll…
    Oyy idiot y r u soooo scared with me that nw these days u r nt coming here.
    Srgay”’is ur father,,,i know sardar ji”.
    Sardar”smile plzzzzz””hehehe,,,,,lagi mirchi”’uuuuuiiiiuuuuu……
    Jerk”sardar,,,pig sardar,,,,huhuhuhu,,,,hehehe,,,,
    Sardar”’smile plz


  15. Kitty,Singh is very pleased with your comments,this has really troubled these Eunuch bitches so you hit them where it hurts! but you forgot four of his best performances !! 1. pretending to be straight by dating beautiful women 2. Salman pretended to be a man when he is a impotent Eunuch! 3. Salman pretends to be a movie star when he is a common beggar 4. is the best Salman pretends to be sane when he is INSANE! you stupid dumb eunach Salman fans ,Salman will never win a award unless it is a razzi, you know the awards they give to bad actors who lay big turkeys at the BOX OFFICE. Shah Rukh is the only King of the box office,Salman is not good enough to clean or polish SRK`s shoes. @Subh you eunuch bobby darling bitch,I will give you a good beating today.

  16. kitty..pls b clear ..salman is a superstar..n agreed wth 35 n all salman ‘s fan..salman is vry kind hearted alys do cameo 4 his frens in tht case kuch kuch hota hai is also salman movie…so jst shut up…

  17. of course he is , there’s no doubt about that his simply one of the greatest actors of our generation well done sullu wish you many more sucess in the future .

  18. just like other srgay fans kitty is day dreamer.

    Breaking news:

    Dabangg breaks all srgay records in just first 5 days heheheheh 😛 BURN SRGAY FANS.

  19. SRGAY plays college students and he does it very, very badly. last 2 SRGAY films as college student films was OSO n RNBDJ. Last film Salman as college student was way back 2003 in Tere Naam. get your facts straight ms. dumbass Kitty.

  20. Kitty

    LUCKY was super hit go check BOI
    PREM KA GAME?? that was totally an Arbaaz Khan film. If you are going to add such a small role as his film then ajab prem ki ghazab kahani is his film not Ranbirs.

    Salman has more super hits than all bollywood actors.

    To admin

    you forgot to add his other blocbusters such as Jeet, Judwaa, Baaghi, Bandhan, Pyar kiya darna kya,No Entry, Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya and many more.

  21. #28,,,,i think u r a braneless girl n u hve incorrect information,,,,look at her list abt sallu”movies,,,hahaha
    sister”,,,tere naam”was b’buster n in prem kaa game he did a cameo,,,””’
    Soooooo correct ur inform.
    N ya i agree with u that srgay”’looks madari”’n dance like bandar”,,,..hehehaha lol”

  22. OK, “Arjun” (or whatever you’re calling yourself at the moment, schitzo…)what are his “countless” award-worthy roles?

    Face it, while the other actors like SRK and Aamir have experimented, Salman can only do the college boy… and he does it very, very badly.

    He is only suitable for playing a villain like in real life. He can’t act, he just plays himself, the dumb bad boy.

  23. To Kitty……….if there wouldn’t be bribery and kin & kithship in so called Award Ceremonies,The Only Real Hero on and off Screen – Salman Khan,he would had received countless awards.

  24. Umm, nope… he never wins awards because he can’t act!

    He doesn’t even have any award-worthy performances, come on! He is stuck in the 90’s and the other heroes have left him far behind…



  26. Oh and Zaara, Tere Naam was a remake of a Tamil movie. So ya, someone did it before him, and I’m sure he copied the other actor to a T.

  27. Well I have my own list as you’d expect:

    …The Top Ten Flops Of Salman…

    I know, you ask how did I pick them? It was hard work, considering he has so many! Most of his movies have flopped miserably, so there were so many to choose from… I haven’t seen most of his movies from the 80’s and 90’s, and if I have, they must have been really forgettable, but I’m sure they sucked just as bad as the rest!

    1. VEER: Salman’s dream project, he was planning it for half his life… he was involved with all aspects of the movie, guaranteeing an EPIC FLOP!

    2. YUVRAAJ: Absolutely horrible.

    3. PREM KA GAME: He was so bloated and puffy, looked high on drugs, and couldn’t remember more than one line at a time!

    4. SHAADI KAR KE PHAAS GAYE YAAR: He treated us to his caveman woman-abusing avatar! Fun to play count the hats in this one cause he was trying (failing) to hide his baldness!

    5. TERE NAAM: Oh the fake looking wig! A nightmare! Again trying (failing) pathetically to hide his baldness!

    6. PHIR MILENGE: Creepy Khan gives Shilpa AIDS. Eww. Also for that haggard dying-man look he went without makeup for a touch of realism.

    7. KYON KI: Salman plays a guy with a lobotomy, no acting required!

    8. LUCKY: A love story with Salman and a girl one-third his age! Eww!

    9. LONDON DREAMS: Has anyone even seen this?

    10. MARIGOLD: Even Katrina laughed at him for this one!

  28. Most Salman movies are really BAD and I can`t watch it ,other than when he has a Queen of Bollywood acting with him like Aishwarya and Madhuri that is why Salman has never recieved a award!I wonder why this site is trying make Salman a bigger star than he is?Salman will never be big as Shah Rukh or even Aamir Khan.

  29. Salman has had some great hits and these ten are definitely great movies. Tere Naam was a totally different movie for Salman and he proved he could be more than a pretty boy heart throb!

    He still makes my heart pitter patter, can’t wait to see more movies from him!! Would love to see him play a sardar again but with more of a role. He can rock the turban

  30. i watched his mviez only n doesnt watch other actors movies,,,,
    Bhai i lve u n u always live hppy n prosp. life”
    All the others actors nothing in front of the bhai”

  31. I think we can all agree that Salman has it all… He has talent, looks, and the charm. He is a very versatile actor and proved himself over and over again by doing movies that consists of characters that are very different from one another!!
    SRK can be the King Khan, and Amir can be the Ace Khan… But watch out coz Salman is the WILD CARD!!

  32. #2 ya bro i agree with u ,,,,,
    Bt in muslims countries sallu’ is more popular than srk”or amir”
    Or in india he’s most p’pular actor of india,,,

  33. yeh i agree he is one of the best ! hey if u look at the record he the top actor in india above SRK N AMIR.BUT SRK N AMIR ARE BIGER OVERSEAS .SALMAN IS INDIA’S STAR .NO 1 IN INDIA.

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