Manyata Dutt in bikini!!


Sanjay Dutt seems to be a committed and devoted husband to his wife Manyata.

Recently, on Manyata’s 32nd birthday, though Sanju baba wasn’t present with her physically, yet he made her feel his presence. He had appointed his business manager Dharam Oberoi, and asked other family friends to take her out to a suburban restaurant in Bandra.

Manyata was thrilled with this gesture and even more thrilled on seeing her birthday cake. It was the two-tyred chocolate cake with the figure of a pregnant lady on top.

That’s really sweet of Sanju!!

10 thoughts on “Manyata Dutt in bikini!!

  1. Poster # 5 is correct.

    Poster # 6 & 7 – this is for you.

    Just because this website is fun and entertaining does not mean that the admin will present the website content with garbage English.

    No wonder Indians get so little respect everywhere in the world because they have no quality in their presentation. They look dirty, they stink, their house sticks of curry and then this kind of English.

    Indians will never change even if someone like poster # 5 expressed the proper way of presenting the same.

  2. agree with poster # 5
    also that cake is so yuck looking – a pregnant woman in a bikini – whatever – do anything to appear cool

  3. Haha moonmoon..u jst made a fool out of means the same ok..admin doesn’t need ‘standard’ english here..itz all fun.loolz

  4. The admin does not know proper English. He/She writes – “Since Sanju Baba was not present with her physically”. Admin Baba/Baby the proper English is – “Since Sanju Baba was not accompanying her in person”.

    This website is a trash.

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