Ranbir – Bebo to unite for the first time


Phew!!! Finally we get to see Ranbir and Kareena Kapoor in a flick. They will soon be seen together in a film titled ‘Cousins’. Director cum writer, Rohit Jugraj, has written a script keeping in mind the ‘cousin factor’.

Previously Bebo refused to act opposite Ranbir in the movie Anjaana Anjaani because of the cousin factor.

In Jugraj’s movie, ‘Cousins’, Ranbir and Bebo will play the role of cousins. Producer Sanjay Nadiadwala, wants to become the first producer to unite the real life cousins in reel life.

Let’s wait and watch if the two cousins can transfer their dynamism to the silver screen…

12 thoughts on “Ranbir – Bebo to unite for the first time

  1. so what yaar…. on screen they will be perfect…as long as they stay bhai and behen off screen…. they make a good couple.

  2. Oh no, I can’t believe some people want to see them as a romantic couple! Ewwww! Their dads are brothers! They should never be romantically linked, either in real life or on screen! They even look alike, geez!

  3. wots wrong with two cousins making a romantic movie together?? it’s not as though they were born from the same mother. There are so many asians around the world who get married to their first cousins. so wots the problem??

    akhsay kumar and srk treat kareena as their younger sister but she still agress to work with em in a movie.

  4. why someone even think of two cousine play opposite like love intrest i think Karina will do it for fame and money but I hope Ranbir still have some pride….as a brother sister is all good

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