Waka Waka’ time for SRK and family


Shahruk Khan was in Johannesburg with his family, recently, to catch the finals of FIFA World Cup 2010.The entire family was quite pleased and excited to meet the pop star Shakira while their stay there.

Besotted by the sensational Latino, SRK tweets “Have never been more excited to meet a rockstar. The wife & daughter adore her…so do the father & son.”

“Gorgeous, gracious and absolutely heartwarming Shakira. (She) was so nice to the kids. We are (her) fans for life.”

SRK is also following Shakira on Twitter.

18 thoughts on “Waka Waka’ time for SRK and family

  1. sorry guys and gals..I saw this pic as a great and famous man like SRK in admiration of another equally talented person, Shakira..but from the comments I see..it seems that SRK and family cannot be in awe about another famous person…..come-on…just because what?? she is a singer from another country..but who does not lissen to Shakira..she is wonderful..what would have been ok with you all..if SRK posed with a young, famous Indian singer which he and his family loved…why can’t you guys for once understand that SRK is a global figure..but he is also a very nice human being who CAN be a fan of someone else…nothing’s wrong in it…lol!!

  2. guys he shared those pix with his fans on twitter. the media is using it as a news. i liked it when he shared it on twitter. he appreciates talents in his own backyard btw. the prove are so many actors/ess working in the media toady coz of him. have u guys never shared ur things on facebook or twitter 😮 the thing is he has more famous so anything abt him is a news.

  3. Shakira is amazing .. a great rock star she is also a great human being.
    you know she is one of the actresses who has donated more money of their own money .. and helps many people and charities, plus she is very humble ..
    and anyone would be happy to take a picture shakira
    even if that person is srk.
    so be careful before talking about shakira

  4. u guys seem to be stuck on the fact that he went there for publicity… can’t u get the fact that he’s just posing with a singer for and btw its the media who goes after him

  5. Shah Rukh is so gay and I wish he would admit his secret affair with Karan, I prefer Aamir ,he is a better actor and his movie three Idiots mad 300 crores,while Srk s My name is Khan only did 100 crores,Srk is a loser

  6. Oke so this is absolutly BS!! Im wondering if he even saw the FIFA or he just went there for publicity! come on it was the finals, nothing to say about that? other than getting more fame by making pictures with Hollywood singers.

  7. Gauri looks very ugly in this picture, poor baby….. had no time to bollywood

    I agree with comment # 3. What a village boy.

  8. So typical of SRK – always fawning over foreign celebrities and throwing parties in their honour!

    There’s more talent in your own backyard SRK – wish you’d show more appreciation of your own kind!

  9. what a bloody thing he is.. tilting over to the rock star like a village boy. be a man and stand straight with ur head high and with ur family..

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