'Peepli [Live]' new wallpapers


Helmed and written by Anusha Rizvi in her first directorial venture, and produced by Aamir Khan the film is a satire on the farmers’ suicides and subsequent media and political response in the country.

Peepli Live was filmed on location in Madhya Pradesh and New Delhi. According to Khan, many of the actors are Adivasis from Madhya Pradesh.

The film is scheduled for release on August 13, this year.

4 thoughts on “'Peepli [Live]' new wallpapers

  1. aaarrrrrrrrrrgh wat the hell?? another movie on slum dwellers? stop the muck!!!!!!!!!! who is the hero is he an african? To be honest the movie looks like a shitty thing. Please don’t watch it people…….

  2. I can’t wait to watch it – pity abt the release date tho (during Ramadan).

    The actors and setting may not seem all that appealing but the storyline does sound interesting.

  3. To be honest m not too keen on this film,and i guess i wud’nt bid my money on it.The whole atmosphere created in this film luks like a fuss over nothing.

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