Lamhaa – Promises to tell you the unbiased story


Rahul Dholakia’s Lamhaa provides us a sneak into the Kashmiri issue without taking sides. Once known as a paradise on earth, it is now a playground for blood thirsty militants. The film stars, Sanjay Dutt, Bipasha Basu, Kunal Kapoor and Anupam Kher.

The movie attempts to bring out the untold story of Kashmir. It also happened that the cast and crew of the film, faced protests while shooting in Kashmir. In fact, Bipasha actually got freaked out regarding her security that she left the shoot halfway and returned to Mumbai. But now that the film is complete and ready to release, hopes are high that Lamhaa will strike a chord among audiences and, in its little way, help promote peace in the valley without trivializing the Kashmir issue.

The film is set to release on 16th July 2010

7 thoughts on “Lamhaa – Promises to tell you the unbiased story

  1. impossible i am sure that this movie will only make Islam and muslims and Pakistan look bad after all indians – hindus made it. . n over all they hate us. The only good movie in our favor was my name is khan but now there is lamha to force it down. i know that india as there fitrat – obcession only try to make muslims and Pakaitan and Islam look bad. So y dont you guys just stop making such lie filled movies, if u dont know what the truth is than at least try to find out.
    what ever happened to Aman ki Asha. on hand is held for friendship and the other is stabbing us.. . . how could u?

  2. Sorry to say this,but I don’t think Bipasha looks very Kashmiri.She’s a beautifull lady,but not like a Kashmiri.

  3. That,s correct, Kashmir is truely a heaven but its unfortunate that terrorists and climate change is constantly taking it towards hell.
    India is fortunate to posses this extremely beautiful landscape but still for what purpose?

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