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What do you think about Arjun-Bebo’s pair???

I find them HOT together. What about you???

12 thoughts on “Your Opinion

  1. guys seriouslyy?? This is going to be a GREAT and HEARTWARMING FAMILY movie and i am so excited!!!!!!! Kareena and arjun luk good 2gether and kareena has never looked batter so shut up

  2. hey , no 4, kareena looks really good and whats ur problem? just don’t watch movie if u don’t like her so much.

  3. i hope kareena look like five child mother because she is lookeing stupid and older i advise karan johar this film is all ready flop but not reason kajol and arjun the resaon is flop actrees kareena

  4. well if anyone think that bebo-arjun both looks Hot, then you are just wasting time dude….arjun is just looking like the father of Bebo….. so plz give me a break…lol!

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