Sherlyn Chopra banned from posting pics on Twitter


Sherlyn Chopra has always been in the news for the wrong reasons. Where ever she goes, and what ever she does creates a storm. Proving this was her recent ban from the micro blogging site Twitter. If what we hear is to be believed then the seductive Sherlyn Chopra has been banned from posting images on Twitter.

This comes after Sherlyn had posted naked images of herself on the site, saying that they were from a photo-shoot she had done. While not too long ago, she tweeted saying,
“Where has my pic disappeared!!! This is strange! Can Twitter kindly let me know where my pics are? Is there a censor board on Twitter???” It turned out that the censors for content on Twitter deleted her images and also banned her from posting of images.

Later Sherlyn updated, “Twitter has banned me from uploading pics…My Team is trying 2 get in touch with Twitter to sort out the matter.”

Chopra has also suggested that she will quit the social networking website if the problem doesn’t get resolved soon.

11 thoughts on “Sherlyn Chopra banned from posting pics on Twitter

  1. I must confess that I am extremely appalled at the way indians call indian women “whores” and “sluts” when they pose nude or in sexy outfits. It really shows a warped sense of chauvanism manifested in both indian women and men. Have some respect yourselves and stop calling someone a whore because of their own personal choices. She is very brave, and she is not doing anything that countless women around the world have. If you criticize someone, at least do so in an intelligent manner other than snarling at them and calling them derogatory names. I expect many nasty comments in response to this but all that will do is prove my point: that the people attacking others in this demeaning way [cursing and name-calling] have no class themselves!

  2. this slag needs to be banned from evrything..just go to hell…she aint even prety at all..evrything she does luks plain vulgar

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