Poll: Katrina's Different Avatars


In which outfit do you think Katrina looks the best???

43 thoughts on “Poll: Katrina's Different Avatars

  1. based on your vote,

    katrina kaif looks the best in

    1. Sari – 11 votes

    2. dress – 10 votes

    3. ghagra choli – 3 votes
    mini short – 3 votes
    jeans – 3 votes

    4. Churidar – 2 votes

    5. mini skirt – 1 vote

  2. she looks a blast in ”Indian” outfit…..
    it goes well on her body..but..
    i guess all avatars suit her in a cute way…
    nd why not she KAT…paleease…

  3. she so gorgeous for the ppl who are saying she’s ugly i would love to see ur face. you probably wish secretly that u looked half as good as her!

  4. Who Really Caresss, I dont and I dont think many people do either. All Indian women are beautiful get over it peeps!!

  5. i lov kats.yes i am obsessed.so what!big deal.u guys nid to take a fly on d wall.u dnt knw what actin is.pfft.oh and for the record.. Katrina does knw hw to act dats y al directors want her. Get it!:)

  6. Oh and to: SAMRA

    You need to get over yourself. I think you’re becoming a little bit too obsessive over Katrina. Get over her!! She can’t act!! Or dance!! Thanks!


    And I agree with you as well. I didn’t know that she is constantly denying her origin??

  7. To: Sandy

    I agree!! I don’t like Katrina. She can’t act! the only reason why people rave about her is because she is good looking. And I agree; she is really pretty, naturally pretty as well. But Katrina as an actress……not so good!!!

  8. i know i am wrong…but I can’t stop hating her
    i still can’t get over the fact that she continues to lie about her origin…whts the big deal she can accept that she not is not an Indian…I mean i would love to see more of Giselli atleast she is truthful about who she is.
    Who cares…its just sad that she think that she can act!

  9. So sad!Not for Katrina,for that dresses who are gonna waste for such a stupid person.I like that outfits but not the person(Katrina)wearing that.

  10. Well, Katrina is one of those people that are too ‘western’ to pull off a traditional Indian attire. I think she looks really gorgeous in that blue mini dress (the 3rd one).

  11. okkk that’s not even Katrina kaif in the 2nd last pic, where she’s wearing the mini skirt… get some real pics of her u idiots !!!! u guyss obv cropped 2 diff piks out and attached them together, fukin dumasses

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