Bips goes traditional at the IIFA awards

Bipasha Basu

Check out Bipasha Basu at the IIFA Awards. She was here to promote her film “Lamha” .

Bipasha Basu looked absolutely stunning in an orange and pink Anamika Khanna saree.Sad that her gorgeous arm candy – boyfriend John Abraham – couldn’t make it.

Hit or a Miss???

15 thoughts on “Bips goes traditional at the IIFA awards

  1. She looks stunning!! Even Kareena Kapoor’s saree looked amazing. (I think Kareena’s saree was prettier but Bipasha looks incredible!!

  2. ewww she looks whore-ible in this avatar.. she honestly looks old skool and the straight blonde hair ain’t suiting her… she looks better with mini dresses atleast she looks normal in them and they actually suit her too.. sarees is not her thing and even if they are she cud get a better high class beatiful saree and mayb a nicer hairstyle next time!

  3. She proves that there is nothing hotter than the sari.Think the blouse colour should have been different…like gold or something.

  4. Gorgeous baby…all the way…rock it!!! Just divine. Her face is glowing and her saree is just adorable! You go sexy mama…indeed a true indian beauty!

  5. Kareena’s sari designed by ‘Manish’ was absolutely striking.
    Bipasha’s sari also looks good but what the designer ‘Anamika’ has forgotten is her blouse.
    I don’t understand why these actresses wear such pale and bikini top type blouse on beautiful saries.
    Bipasha is looking great here with open hair , simple red bindi, but the blouse her taking away all the charm.

  6. sarees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    about time she stopped acting like ahollywood star in them low cut gowns and dresees ewwwwww
    its beautiful and she looks nice however i gta say she even makes a saari look sleazy and tacky!!!!

  7. She looks absolutely beautiful and uber sexy in a sari! She should definately wear it more often – it suits her!

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