Katrina's confession: I'm In Love


The beauty queen who rules million hearts is now been ruled by something else. Katrina has finally fallen in love.

“Yes I’m in love,” she announces, “I’ve fallen in love with… online shopping! Believe me it gives me the pleasure to do what I just can’t in Mumbai. To buy stuff without being stared at or people approaching me”, quips Kat.

She loves shopping for clothes.

“So far I could only shop abroad. And that in places where there weren’t too many Indians. And I’d be so tense about making the best of those rare opportunities to shop away from home that I’d forget everything I wanted to buy”.

Katrina recently shifted to her new home and is busy filling it with furniture and other accessories.

“I had to depend on my mom or my sisters to get me stuff for my home. If you see my home you’ll see it is really bare almost functional. Now that’s changing.” Kat chirps, “It’s amazing how much happiness you can buy by simply doing your own shopping.”

She has never hosted party at her home but now she wants to arrange a party and invite all her friends. :)

Yes Kat!! You do have a reason to celebrate :)

19 thoughts on “Katrina's confession: I'm In Love

  1. comm 14…like ur comm!!

    she aint scared of no1….i started likin her after rajneeti coz she worked hard in it…but i agree with you guys she is a big show off! i mean ur famous nw woman! ppl r gna cum upto you so deal with it!
    if i saw her i wudnt go upto her either…….show off too ryt!

  2. u know munda , they dont scare of sallu that much , boz if they does dont dateing…..they scare of people boz when people know she left salman for ranbir , nobody will like her …..

  3. well kat, i guess every woman on thz planet is in love with shopping either it’s online or in shopping malls. if i ever see kat shopping in public, i don’t think i’d be approaching her for a auto even if i was her biggest fan. At the end of the day shez famous cos of ha fanz n not ha talent.

  4. I kind of find her a show off, like who cares if you do shopping online?? and who cares if your in love?? and who cares if you think your not sexy?? wow and “where there are no Indians”?, what’s up with that?? thinking in a superior way…(others are inferior??), wow, lost entire respect for her as a human being, no acting skills , and now apparently a “showoff”. she is one of those people who don’t really work hard in life but just get it because of looks. If she actually had good acting skills, then i wouldn’t mind her showing off…but it doesn’t seem like it and Im not hating on her(before some die-hard fan starts arguing back), Im just being normal and stating that she is a clear looser in acting, and to be honestly blunt, a complete waste of space.

  5. Is it just me but does Kat come across as abit of a snob. She doesn’t like to go out shopping just in case she is approached by fans… You asked for the limelight now deal with it!!! I think she is sooooo overated, there is nothing to her. She can’t act, she’s not all that and she doesn’t want to be approached by fans!!

  6. katrina, if you dont want people to stare at you , dont be a star. take another job – if you fans see they will approach the indians as you call them.so please make sure that you are nice to them as without them you wont be a star. otherwise switch your job.

  7. Really ex *comment 1 U so dumb. Is Ranbir an online shopping item????? I will buy him too loooooollllllllll…..

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