Salman- Kats together


It sounds strange but it is true that Salman and Katrina have been offered to play Bachchans on-screen. However, what is stranger is Katrina is going to enact Amitabh Bachchan’s role and Salman will step into Jaya’s shoes. And this strange idea comes from politician Amar Singh’s mind.

Sources revealed that Katrina although thrilled was taken aback initially at the thought when Singh discussed and offered the role over the phone. Singh according to Katrina seemed very confident about the selection of actors and the innovative idea which Katrina feels is going to take the entire tinsel town by surprise.

The film according to Singh will have no dialogues and he has already decided to incorporate recordings of phone taps for the background score. Wonder, what has Salman Khan to say on this?

18 thoughts on “Salman- Kats together

  1. Absolute bull dust! Can u ever – who in their right mind is going to propose (and even accept) something as ridiculous as this! The article shudn’t even be published!

  2. no more sallu – kat movie will flop %100 …..they not look good together…..salman looks good with every actress accept kat…..

  3. so does that mean all iz well between kat and sallu?? thy must be very much together if they working on a new project again.

  4. HAHAHA!!!!! this is stupid lolzz sallu as jaya and Katrina as BIG B!!!!!!! AHAHAHA yeah I also want 2 knw why this amar singh is always with the bachans lol

  5. WAT!! Katrina as Amitabh Bachan and Salman as Jaya Bachan. Is this a prank or something. LOL it would be interesting to see such a screenplay, but I don’t think it would be very successful. Especially since there is no dialogue. LOL. lets wee what these stars have in their acting skills. Can they really imitate such characters, only time will tell. LOL!

  6. hahaha i h0pe sallu agrees 2 myb ths cld b a riz0n en0ugh 4 thm 2 rec0ncle n 4gv each othr s0 dat thy cn b 2gthr again. Lv dem b0th.

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