John refuses to work with Asin


John Abraham has refused to work with Asin in a remake of a Telegu movie to be directed by to be directed by Vipul Shah.

Looks like John has started getting choosy about his female co-stars.

John would be playing the role of an encounter specialist in the movie.

A source reveals, “Vipul Shah was very keen to have Asin as the lead actress of the film. She and Venkatesh were the lead pair in the Telegu original. Vipul was also impressed by Asin’s performance in London Dreams and hence spoke to her about his forthcoming venture. But on suggesting the same to John, he was shocked as the actor refused to be paired opposite Asin.”

A source also revealed that, according to John, Asin is not fit for the role and prefers a sexier looking actress for the movie. He would ideally prefer Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor or Bipasha Basu.

However, Vipul Shah says that John has no issue with Asin and that it is purely a date problem and he is hopeful that it can be worked out. He also confirmed that Asin will play the lead actress in the movie.

John remained unavailable for comment.

24 thoughts on “John refuses to work with Asin

  1. None of these comments as well as the article itself here are fair at all and I am cross not only with those who insult Asin here but with John Abraham himself. I feel so sorry for Asin and I am as hurt as she is. I can only pray for her that something better will come her way

  2. Mr Jhon u are good for nothing… He just need a sexy lady being paired oppsite him in all his movies.. He is not at all good actor. Well said Bebo.. jhon is expressionless. He is just famous for his charming looks and great physic. Dont forget u were replaced by Hritik in Dhoom2 and it did well as compared to your doom1. Do one thing.. Just marry Bipasha as she is getting older day by day, and better u do somethiing else..

  3. If there’s any truth to this article then I think John’s a twit! Asin’s a beauty with brains with lots of talent considering she’s only 2 (Hindi) films old.

    If Aamir cud recognise her potential and cast her then who needs John. Bebo was right – he does have a deadpan expression!

  4. salman make every actress beautiful , no matter who, any way we most watch salman actress not that much important

  5. Geez…people are so gullable…this is all made up by the media again. Really, making up stuff must be a fun job…

  6. john abraham is jus getin 2 big heded i mean asin has worked wiv 2 of the best actors in bolywood salman and amir khan. I love john but i do fink dat was very stupid of him though i mean asin is a nice girl and i dnt fink shz ugli and plus she can act. so john abraham needs 2 stop acting lyk an idiot and concentrate on his carrer rather than his body which will get him nowher even though i love it. lol
    dont wori asin you’ll get better co stars 2 work wiv i promise bcoz ur a good actress. keep on workin hard. im wiv uuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!

  7. he got couple of hit movies n acting like this?? wowww….a movie with himas main lead wont be hit in box apprectiate wat u hav….that someone wants to hire u.

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