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Bipasha had a bad day!!


Bipasha Basu,recently lost her cool when one of the reporters compared her physical assets to be a little on the masculine side.

The sexy Bips, who is known particularly for her super cool hot body, was to appear for some press meet in Mumbai. Initially when the reporters started shooting questions at her, Bipasha was her usual cool self, answering with full dignity. However, at some point of time, she really got upset with the media on being questioned on the personal side. She immediately left the meet half way through.

Later on the reporter was called in by Bipasha’s spokesperson, who questioned the reporter’s audacity in asking such questions. An actress of such repute being asked such derogatory questions was not acceptable. On this the reporter had justified her question saying many people had such notions.

Irrespective of all this, I still feel, Bipasha has the best bod in tinsel town these days.
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