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Ranbir-Deepika decides to keep their love life under wraps!!


Ranbir-Deepika dating each other is one hot topic in Bollywood that has been under the scanner for a while now is getting hotter day by day. Ever since they separated constant talks about their respective love lives have been have been in the air.

Now the latest we hear is that Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor are back together. In fact, the two actually were never out of touch with each other. Even when they broke up, the two were always on the SMS with each other.

Recently, we hear that after almost six months of separation, Ranbir now realises that his heart actually beats for Deepika and only Deepika

The couple has been, doing dinners and watching movies together, and this time, they have decided to keep their love life a big shhhhh…

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