Preity Zinta eager to watch Abhi-Ash…


IPL is not the only thing, which is on Preity’s mind these days. There is one more thing our pretty Preity can’t wait to do and that is nothing but watch Abhishek and Aishwarya Bachchan’s starrer Raavan.

Preity expresses her thoughts on twitter on a conversation with Abhishek,

“I’m so looking forward to watch the movie. I hear you and Ash are awesome and it’s Mani Ratnam’s best work till date. All the best for it.”

Now that Preity’s team is out of IPL league this season, wonder which other films she is likely to catch up, apart from Raavan.

3 thoughts on “Preity Zinta eager to watch Abhi-Ash…

  1. How sweet of aish… but I acspected it from her because she is a good friend of both Aishwarya and abhi

    Love all the three! aish sweety I am def going to watch All aish movies!

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