'I will wear diamond jewelry for my wedding'- Katrina

In a recent candid chat, Katrina confessed that Diamonds are girls’ best friend and she would definitely wear them on her wedding day.

Here is the candid confession from the gorgeous lady herself…check it out!

3 thoughts on “'I will wear diamond jewelry for my wedding'- Katrina

  1. How do you sell diamond jewelry that you bought from a jewelry store but that you no longer want? I have this diamond ring that I want to sell. I don’t want to take it to a pawn shop because they won’t give me what its worth. But I don’t know any other alternatives. Do you think the store that I bought it from will buy it back? Please Help!

  2. how sweet, i love diamonds too but katji , diamonds are expensive every body cant buy, sp big set for wedding ….but salman can buy for u , love u both , cant wait for u two wedding…..

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