Give a funny caption to this photo….


What do you think Urmila Matondkar is saying to Rani Mukherjee????

 Give your own funny and interesting caption to this pic…

31 thoughts on “Give a funny caption to this photo….

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  2. urmila :its hilarious that u were thr in dance premier league for every single episode n yet u barely know wt dancin is……
    rani : well wt can i say honey….atleast i have sumthin goin for me….u shud b the last 1 talking……cuz im the 1 havin the last laugh

  3. rani y are you with that old adi-u are soo beautiful-dont be like those typical bollywood actress eg shilpa that go for money n men nasty-

    nahee urmila -i love my old ugly men and money is evrything-my films arent doing gud either

    then i understand-y not yash jee aswel then

    mmmmm kya idea hai urmee

  4. hahaha u may hsve whiter teeth than me but i am a better dancer than you
    hummmmmmm… i wanted to get that saree but it does not suite u

  5. Urmila: Lets play Devdas, I’ll be Aish and u can be the diya, now shine honey..
    Rani: haha
    Shabana(thinks): Now that they’re busy I can steal Ranis necklece MOHAHAHA
    Lady in the back: They’re so desperate! I mean they’re trying to be Aish… how desperate is that!

  6. urmila : areh rani tumneh dhaari shave karke kyun nai ai
    rani : kya bolo urmila waqt nai mila…aur pathahe mere agle film meh dhari banaaana zaroori hai

  7. Urmilla: areh tumhari chin job tho itni funny lag thi hain, ke kya bataoo

    Rani (shyly): vo jaldhi jaldi mein acha kam thori na hota hai

    Middle lday: honey, i think tumhe mere pass anah chahiye thah, dekho urmilla ki kitni achi lagthi hai…

    Urmilla: phahaha u look sooo funny rani, youv’e allways made me laugh

    Rani: ha ha tnaks… (sali kitni khoobsurat samajthi hai apne ap ko)
    rani thinks in her mind

  8. hum dono kitna kamini haa, ithana umor hogea lakin hum logo ka abi thak Shadi nahi hua, Shabana Aunty say thora dowa la le.

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