Rate Bipasha's look on a scale of 10..


59 thoughts on “Rate Bipasha's look on a scale of 10..

  1. People from India are always rude and backward, you guys so need to grow up. Linda and Nafisa Khan
    obviously have no brains, it shows you two are very jealous I’m an European to me all Indians are
    black, but i don’t think like that.

    You people so need to get out of your low thinking life style, only then you’ll have a chance in paradise.

    Bipasha is a great actress, yes her dressing is quite open that does not mean she’s ugly. Only beautiful people have
    courage to show their bodies.

    You Indians are truely something aye!!!

  2. she looks very plastic, not natural at all….how many surgeries has she had ? many and she’s proud of them too = whats there to be proud of when you are filled with saline and other by products…what happened to natural beauty ? what….

  3. In my opinion, she’s Hot!! , well-put together, nice personality, has a cute guy, and a lovely skin colour. oh and a fit body!! like hw the hell did she get so fit?? she is sexy:P John is Hot….so obviously she is Hot cuz hw can she get a cute guy like John if she is not. so il give her a 10

  4. comment #40, yeah it’s about people’s opinion, and yes there is freedom of speech and expression…but crossing the limit by calling bips as black is the same as perception as being racist!!! soo yeah she crossed the limit. In Simple words, freedon of speech does not mean that you can clearly be racist!! yeah u can surely state ur opinion but NOT be racist!! so yeah it’s not always about opinions!!

  5. Hatterrrz ^^ LoooL She Aint Dat Good Lookin Thoe. Ima Give Her Lyk A 6 Or Sommin Coz She Aint Butterz Either ;P Lool

    I Dont Lyk Her As A Personn Thoe, She’s Faake! =P

    N Loool Linda ^^ Totall Joka, Chill Ppl It Ask For Ppls Opinions N Dats Hers InIt 😉

  6. she is a very intelligent and stunning person both inside and out and colour of skin isnt an issue linda mayb ur just jealous.

  7. i’ll giv her 10 on 10…watz wrong wit some ppl???? shez lyk a goddess of beauty…soooo prettty…true indian beauty…bips is lyk same age as ashwariya bt bips luks soo much younger n prettier…gr8 actress…luv her

  8. I’ll give her an 8,
    her figure is truly flawless, so props for that,
    but beside that, that’s too much grey in one out fit, and she could have made the shades of grey look more flattering by putting on a white top perhaps, plus it would have been classier to wear a top anyway, so there goes 1 point.
    I don’t really like her accessories, her necklace looks a bit tacky to me, she could have opted for a stylish layered pearl necklace.
    Her gold ring or, what ever that is, doesn’t really match her out fit. Besides, What’s up with her clutch? a clutch should be at least big enough to fit a pack of cigarets, or at least that’s what the creative director of gucci says, and by the looks of it, hers doesn’t really qualify . So, over all I’ll take one point off for the bad choice of accessories.
    The outfit called for an up-do, but I can see how that would have made her look like she’s going to work.
    the make up is perfect though, congrats to her for not going over the edge.

  9. She looks beautiful & nicely dressed. Not too much make up like she usually wears, very becoming, beautiful skin color.

  10. comment #23, wots up wiv u? r u stupid or what? firstly, ur obviously unstable in ur mind!!! and ur ONE UGLY SKUNK THAT FARTS!!:p:p thats for being a racist, go shuv ur attitude up ur skunky arse!!!

  11. wow. wtf is wrong with you comment 23? seriously she looks great and you really need to get out more so freaking narrow minded. i hate people who can’t see past skin color.
    i would give her an 8!

  12. Linda, u are sooo horrible…u racist girl!!!

    idc wot u say…bipasha is a great actress and buetiful in many ways, unlike u(I’m guessing…) so dnt diss her beuty n colour…she’s fine the way she is!!! Bips you deserve a 10!

  13. 0/10.

  14. i would say 10 on 10.my god she is stunning na d always carry a beautiful figure.no matter what she wear she always look amazing

  15. 10 out of 10…she has a nice fit body…wish i had a body like hers, love her skin colour, she’s hot, and she has a nice personality:)

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