SRK and Gauri are the most stylish couple


DNA After Hours has awarded real life couple Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan with Stylish Duo award at thier recently held Style Awards.

SRK talking about the award said, ” Thank you DNA After Hrs for bestowing this award on me with Gauri. This is an award that is more due to my wife than me because I think I’m hardly stylish. She makes me look good. This is the first award I have got because of her. Next time, InshAllah, if my stays stylish, I will come down personally to collect it.

Congratulations SRK and Gauri. Do you think the duo is the most stylish couple of Bollywood?

9 thoughts on “SRK and Gauri are the most stylish couple

  1. SRK and Gauri are the most stylish couple………………. Its absolutely wrong most stylish couples are Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Kanna, is it clear dont type comment on my comment

  2. Srk knowns exactly what he is doing….tucking in a little piece of his shirt gives him an edgier hip look!! Hey whatever works.

  3. salman and katrina? really the girl dresses like a teenage girl and she can’t even seem to accept the fact she is in a relationship. “im single until married”

  4. hahahah werry funny most stylish couple hahaha goari is 2 ugly in bollywood are many better couple’s like
    and may b abhishek and aish
    srk he is good but gauri she 2 ugly man can imagine her as stylish women she not even soo populir in media she know only becouse of srk

  5. Well…………..i don’t know about the couple being the “most stylish couple” but i can say that Shahrukh Khan looks great in any kind of clothing. nothing doesn’t not look nice on him. whether it be a torn up shirt and jeans or what ever. but i think that Shahrukh Khan is a great dresser, and same goes for Guari Khan. she looks pretty in any thing.

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