Katrina wins best entertainer award at Star Screen Awards


Katrina Kaif won the best entertainer of the year award at the recently held Star Screen Awards 2010.

41 thoughts on “Katrina wins best entertainer award at Star Screen Awards

  1. Katrina is a shemale! ewwwwwwwww! lol She’ll decorate her d*ck with her Naskshatra jewellery ROFLMAO

    I big boo to her pathetic style sense! Shooo, go away from Bollywood, Ms.Katrina “dumb” Kaif, Ash at 36 is still hell of a lot better than you! (though I hate Ash too)

  2. I like her more than before, especially after Ajab Prem Ki….. She is really improving on her acting, dancing skills. Though she is not looking her best, she can look good in any outfit. All the best.

  3. agree, she could do a little better with the cut of the dress, only coz shez pretty shez able to make thru even this poor dress.

  4. not so fond of the cut of the dress, but the color suits her a lot, not everyone can pull off that pale color without looking dull themselves, on the contrary it makes her look alive and vibrant.

  5. She’s changing. I can’t really point a finger on the change but she has changed. I am not liking her anymore. The lip job changed her who face look.

  6. i cant believe people thoguht gaga was a tranny and a hermaphrodite. Katrina is the biggest tranny man she male i have ever seen.

  7. ya even i noticed they took down the stardust cover and changed some pics.

    katrina deserves this, she was too beautiful in all her movies in 2009

  8. hahaha they removed the stardust cover having Katrina & Kareena on Stardust; i think fearing the bad comments for kareena, hahahaha yay, Katrina you go girl! sock it to the Stardust magazine and its haters

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