3 Idiots Movie Review

Signature Chopra-Hirani style  X  Chetan Bhagat’s characterization & situations +  Aamir Khan’s superb acting =  A thoroughly entertaining and  absolutely hilarious movie that you shouldn’t miss! Rating: 4/5

Film critics would argue that 3 Idiots brings back memories from our good old Munnabhai MBBS where a breezy light-hearted hero – Rancho (Aamir Khan) questions the ills of our rote system of education and insists that ‘Kamyab banne ke liye nahi kaabil banne ke liye pardho, kamyabi jhak maar tumhare peeche aayegi!’ and challenges the ideals of the strict dean Viru Sahastra Buddhe (Boman Irani) who is bent on bursting the hero’s bubble again and again. The film becomes a roller coaster ride in the process in the war between Rancho and Virus (the dean) and the hero also tries to woo the dean’s daughter (as in Munnabhai too). I’d agree to the basic similarities between the two films, and the best similarity is that 3 Idiots is just as simple, good and hilarious as Munnabhai… perhaps also better!

The overall effect of the movie is superb. The film takes you by storm and absorbs you in the lives of adorable Rancho, Farhan and Raju who discover themselves in the process of getting an Engineering degree for themselves.  Crisp and witty dialogues of Abhijaat Joshi and Raj Hirani applied to Chetan Bhagat’s suggested situations from his book Five Point Someone and of course Aamir Khan’s acting would hold tight of your senses till the end of the film. Undoubtedly, Aamir Khan outshines everyone and reigns supreme as the Best Actor!

The film has some moments which look too over-the-top, like when Mona’s (Mona Singh)  non-responsive baby springs to life on the sound of Aal Izz Well mantra of Rancho and friends. But we are willing to over look that for the overall effect of the film. Performances are amazing and Aamir Khan takes it away completely from the others but Boman Irani is good and so are R Madhavan and Sharman Joshi. Kareena has a small but a cute role and she looks gorgeous in her minimal makeup look, love the sequence when she is drunk. Special mention to Los Angeles based actor Omi Vaidya in the role of Chatur Ramalingam, who gets to deliver the funniest sequence of the film – the Teacher’s Day speech that literally made people in the theatre roll on floor with laughter!

I’d say just don’t miss this film!

22 thoughts on “3 Idiots Movie Review

  1. @INDY
    In which stupid coll u studied, mate?

    100cr in 4days is d gross amount buddy. It includes collectns from al over d world includin d paid previews.

    U guys sure u both watched 3 idiots only? Pls check u must have seen Dulha mil gaya by mistake!

    An average movie cant get so many rave reviews n an average movie can never gross over 240cr, no matter how much ever it is hyped.

  3. Correct!! It is an average movie. It did not match up to the Hype that was created around this movie. It was being projected as the most extra ordinary & best ever creation of Bollywood. Like someone mentioned above Munna B’s are better creations & products. Strangely majority of the people who did in fact found movie average did not say so because of peer pressure. Hype created a trend that too like this movie was cool and happening. Only non-cool people would not like it…….In simple words they didn’t want to be the odd ones out….It is only now that slowly by slowly honest and unbiased opinions are starting to come out…………

  4. Well all these outstanding reviews did make me go and watch the movie but I was kind of disappointed I guess the “over-hype” killed it. In the end it turned out to be a ok movie nothing extra outstanding as was claimed. I think Munna Bhais were a lot better if compared to 3 Idiots.

  5. Amazing movie, i’m so glad that they made it or 2009 would’ve been a waste for me.
    [[Except some other movies were good too]].
    But that’s not the point, i’m happy that i didn’t miss the film.

  6. “Idiots” made 100 crores in 4 days!!! or ….”IDIOTS” is being made out of 100 crore Indians……. where is the math and who is doing the math???? Do the math yourselves…This means in one day movie is making Rs 25 crores……. HOW MANY TICKETS NEED TO BE SOLD IN ONE DAY TO MAKE Rs25 Crores?????….. how many halls are there in India for Hindi cinema???/and what is their sitting capacity… Even if the movie is being screened round the clock still selling tickets worth 25 crores doesn’t add upto!!!!!! ……Movie is average… But everyone SHOULD LEARN and APPRECIATE the great MARKeting TALENT of AAMIR Khan on “””” HOW to CREATE “HYPE” for your product””””…….to ENHANCE its SALES… He is great at it

  7. I saw 3 idiots yesterday.It is excellent and Hirani must be complimented for brining about the limitations of the Indian education system in a very interesting manner. One of the main themes of the movie according to me is “follow your heart” Only problem is that in movies, they are not always able to show all aspects of the problem. For instance, many people come to know what is their cup of tea(enjoy doing) only after they start working(In work, we have the possibility of discovering ourselves) and for many, it is too late by then as India does not have structured career trasnsition. “All is well” is not really so in real life. I have twenty one published articles on the subject which are on my blog- Make your passion your profession which also has quotes on the subject from bollywood, cricket, management and other personalities in the quotable quotes section.

  8. yea teacher’s day sheech rawwkzzz!!! and the movie is superb n no one shud miss such a gem of a movie….. guyz if u havent seen yet wht r u doin…and aamir khan rawwkzzzz!!!


  10. Congrats to all who made the film. And Aamir who never disappoints. He comes through every time.

    Aamir King of Bollywood!

    he brings us variety of roles and never disappoints.

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