Aishwarya Rai As Mumtaz Mahal

Aishwarya Rai As Mumtaz Mahal

After essaying the role of Maharani Jodhaa, Aishwarya Rai will be seen in yet another role of a queen – the beautiful yet powerful Mumtaz Mahal in whose memory King Shah Jahan made the eternal symbol of love – Taj Mahal.

This project will be Hollywood actor Sir Ben Kingsley’s home production where he will play Emperor Shah Jahan and Aishwarya Rai will play his lady love. This film will be made on a whooping budget of $25 to $30 million.

British novelist and playwright David Ashton will be scripting the story for this film and Kingsley confirms the news.

“With my passion for India, and the Taj Mahal one of the Seven Wonders of the World, I am compelled to ask ‘why’ and ‘how’ this scream of grief frozen in marble came into being,” said Sir Ben when asked about the reason of this initiative.

33 thoughts on “Aishwarya Rai As Mumtaz Mahal

  1. first of all SHE IS NOT FAKE? u guys cant even tell what she had the surgery for(which she hasn’t because she looks exactly the same). second u all r Katrina’s fans so thats expected or salman khans i have read most of ur comments on other threads. third u guys need FACTS not ur opinions!! and 27-29 we cant tell at all that its the same person writing comments using different names.

  2. Serena Singh – I agree with you. Madhuri would be a better choice, and would actually be better suited opposite Ben Kingsley.

    So typical Ash always gets these roles – when are people going to accept that she just can’t act!

    Ash is going to look like his granddaughter!

  3. omg Ben Kingsley shajahan and ash mumtaz plz dont say thad
    oke i know this film wil be whit bold scene’s and i know ash will do thad
    even after mariage she wil do thad ash you are 36 yaers old shame on you
    no kids no family care only sex in films i dont like thad kind of womens
    i think you have 2 think about your family and kids you wil be pregnant when you are 40 yaers old grandma i know thad plz you are not beautiful you are plastic if you was oferd barbie 4 time’s way is than katrina now a barbie dol
    omg even rani is better than her i dont know but abhishek is mad woh left rani for ash i hope this film wil be a flop look 2 jain list evry film is not only flop but bold film

  4. aish is extremely ugly espcially with her latest surgery coz she ended up looking like koena mitra and also fair version of rakhi sawant

    also she can’t act ……

    she been in here for 20 yrs but still cant ACT !!!!!!!

    lmao this will be another umrao jaan for sure

    never liked this plastic grandma because she is fake and overrated

  5. Ben Kingsley is half Indian and a great actor. As for Aishwarya, she was wonderful in Jodhaa Akbar and won the V Shantaram award from the Directors Guild for best actress not fake awards like Filmfare, Screen, etc. BTW she wore barely any makeup in JA and looked great.

    Haters are so pathetic with their comments about plastic surgery. Yet plastic surgery queens like Katrina, Kareena, Priyanka, Bipasha are praised on this site. LMAO

  6. Ben Kingsley can’t play dis role…it doesn’t suit him…and i wonder if he knows hindi or not. even if he does the accent will be pretty funny

  7. Hey you ADMIN, why is my comment awaiting moderation?

    You have created this site to get public comments and as long as there is no use of foul language, the public has the right to present their views. If you do not like the public comments then take off your site.

    It is a worthless site anyway.

  8. reality check – plastic aunty cant act if her life is depend on it
    this will probably be another mistress of spice or last legion lol
    we all have seen her beauty – botox + fake annoying giggles + heavy whitening makeup
    this movie is gonna be a disaster especially because mumtaz is loved by indians and now its been played by plastic rai bachchan
    also we would love to see a Indian playing shah jahan not some bald old middle aged guy

  9. r u guys crazy?? prove she is fake..prove she has had plastic surgery. u all say this but she still looks the same as she did in 1994!!
    “For me beauty is someone who does not apply make up and still looks beautifull..not like aish who applies like tons of make up…” all actresses wear makeup and if u look around most of the average girls do as well. u have to be crazy to think none of them do!
    plz stop trying to degrade her by using opinions as facts because u guys need to check into reality!!

  10. But she can’t act!

    Madhuri or someone else will be perfect!

    She is by far the ugliest and talentless aunty in the industry!

    Mark my words – it’s a FLOP

    Atleast if they casted an “Indian” then it was okay!

  11. everytime she gets a role like this, she really starts acting like a queen in real life..

    i am very sure that Mumtaz Mahal was a natural beauty, which means she dint rely on make up and plastic surgery..

    if you have to make a movie like this, start gettting the basics right…

    they aint giving justice to the character…

    For me beauty is someone who does not apply make up and still looks beautifull..not like aish who applies like tons of make up…

  12. omg aishwarya rai looks sooo beautuful!
    too bad she has soo mcub haters. they are just plain jelous!!
    haha lollz haters plz get a life

  13. O ya, SIR BEN changed his name 2! His original name is Krishna Pandit Bhanji. Not Muslim, actually it is believed that he’s part Russian, German Jew from his Mom’s side. Total westerner. Not Indian that is True True True!

  14. OMG…. how can this REALLY UGLY BALD GORA play an indian emporer in a film with aishwariya?!! he looks disgusting man.

  15. SIR BEN is part Indian but he has never ever really taken any part his heritage but you have to admit that he’s a dame good ACTOR. You could say that he’s like Big B. Arrogant but Big B can’t act so you can really compare them two except for the fact that they are both ARROGANT pain in the you know what?

  16. These statistics were not made up by me it is a data from the $ that was made when the movies were released. Some of us may have thought the movies were good but it is a proven fact that they were not successful (total flops) or were average at the box office.

    Search Data comes from wikipedia / boxofficeindia.

  17. Sarkar Raj, was a pretty darn good movie.

    Sir Ben is a load of crock. He loves India so much, but goes out of his to not identify himself as half Indian.

    His Father was a Muslim Indian, born in Kenya of Gujarat descent.

    Anyways, the closest he’s gotten to India is playing Ghandi.

  18. Umm Ben Kingsley isn’t Indian !
    Then why the hell does he wanna play an Indian!

    Shah Jahan and Mumtaz are Indian Icons.

    We have non-indian playing Shah Jahan and Plastic Aunty playing Mumtaz = EPIC FLOP

  19. AISHWARYA Queen of Flops~!

    Aur Pyar Ho Gaya – Flop
    Hamaara Dil Aapke Paas Hai – Average
    Mohabbatein – Hit
    Josh – Semi Hit
    Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin – Flop
    Albela – Flop
    Devdas – Hit
    Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam – Hit
    Taal – Average
    Dhai Akshar Prem Ke -Flop
    Chokher Bali – Flop
    Raincoat – Flop
    Kuch Na Kaho – Flop
    Dil Ka Rishtaa – Flop
    Raincoat – Flop
    Khakee – Average
    Bride and Prejudice – Flop
    Kyun Ho Gaya Na – Flop
    Provoked – Flop
    The Last Legion – Flop
    Mistress of Spices – Flop
    Shadb – Flop
    Umrao Jaan – Disaster
    Dhoom 2 -Hit
    Guru – Hit
    Jodhaa Akbar – Hit
    Sarkar Raj – Flop
    The Pink Panther 2 – Average

  20. R U kidding me? Sir Ben Kingsley has lost his mind but he’s gettin the chance to make out with old Bollywood Married Botox Plastic Queen. Hot Dog! He has lost his marbles.

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