Katrina-Akshay hot rain song Gale Lag ja

Check out the song Gale Lag ja starring Katrina Kaif and Akshay Kumar. Akshay and Katrina are seen romancing under the waterfall in the song.Like the song?

19 thoughts on “Katrina-Akshay hot rain song Gale Lag ja

  1. very hot video…….katrina in a transparent saree……ready to melt in the hot arms of Akshay.
    Imagine what Twinkle and salman might be thinking. twinkle expecting a divorce very soon.
    salman ka kya hoga. Ash ko Vivek legaya aur Kat ko Akshay legaya…….bechare ke saath KLPD ho gaya

  2. such a hot video! very very sexy. what any woman wants with her husband/boyfriend. HOWEVER doesn’t look real, it looks a bit clownish like they were both joking around.

  3. Three resons why Salman banned watching her films:

    1.He got bored of her boring voice
    2.She can’t act for shit
    3.She gets chance to sleep with actors

    Salman said he will marry to have children…for sure after that he will kick her *** out

    Watch this video she is no where close to bollywood rain song, she is like she is doing porn video instead of fun rain song like most bollywood actress do.

    YUCK I bet she used to be pornstar!

  4. the irst half was good.. in the second half, they jus luked silly.
    but i was feelin’ akshay’s sexy stare at the end.. very nice 😉

  5. they the most hottest pair ever best pair of bollywood this music video is so hot! the most hottest music video ever and sizzling chemsitr akshay and katrina are looking awesome together! Katrina is looking very stunning!

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