Preity Zinta's Poll of the Day


Actress Preity Zinta is all set to do commercial flick now and she wants to know from her fans who they would want her to star with? SRK or Saif Ali Khan? What do you think folks? SRK-Preity or Saif-Preity?

101 thoughts on “Preity Zinta's Poll of the Day

  1. Both Saif and SRK look old. They are desperately hanging on. Move on guys. You have made enough money, leave some for newcomers. Get bored watching them with the same roles. Now SRK is trying autistic role like Aamir Khan!

  2. Priety! I hope you read this otherwise I say no point in voting 😛
    Tbh when I think of Srk and Preity, the first thing that comes into mind is Veer Zara…Depressing love film… Where as Saif and Preity you think SALAAM NAMASTE! A film with the two cheered everyone up with their jokes and love acting!

    Srk needs to move onto a father role like Amitbah, the next Babhbaan if you ask me!
    Saif rocks, y’all know it

  3. Of course no one can forget the epic story of veer-zaara but Saif and Preity have better chemistry, especially in salaam namasate! =)

  4. Definiteley SRK, i think second to Kajol, Preity Zinta has the best chemistry with SRK and she is one of the best actress of our generation, shes so natural and genuine in her talent and it really comes across to the audience. And her dimples rock!

  5. she is a professional and getting mega bucks for her profession. why now, does she need help to determine who she should be working with. sign of old age.

  6. i think that preity should come with someone who she has never came with before
    she should come with shahid and she will look good
    before everyone said that deepika and saif did not look good but their fil, was a smash hit
    everyone said that rani would not be abe to act in bunty and bubbly but she could
    so why not someone who she has never came with
    1 – Shahid
    2 – Ranbir

  7. Safi Ali Khan have an amazing chemistry !! I love them together. I only wish to see them in another movie together. Just like kajol and SRK do. Absheik and Rani have.

  8. wow sonia if you dont have anything good to say… just keep your mouth shut alright

    definitly SRK he is more famous and looks good with every girl… and the chemistry SRK can pull of with anyone… For sure SRk!!!

  9. Definitely Srk…..She looks good with Saif…but I thought they made a very cute couple in Veer Zara and Kal ho na ho….srk….srk….srk

  10. Preity i say SALMAN KHAN! 😀 :)
    lol! he’s the true King of all Khans! lol! 😀

    ..but out of these two it has to be SRK! (but choose salman hes hot and u know it) 😉


  11. I think Saif and Preity have a better on-screen chemistry than Shahrukh and Preity.
    I feel Shahrukh suits best with Kajol or Rani,so therefore i want to see her paired with Saif again.

  12. i think she should go with srk
    coz if she goes with saif then bebo might get jealous,
    and then the media wil start writing al these bulshit about them!

  13. SHAH RUKH ! 😀
    He looks good with her, plus he’s damn funny (Y)
    Shah Rukh for sure. :)
    Even though I like Saif, she looks good with him too but Shah Rukh’s just funner :]

  14. these are all old blokes now. we need some new actors. new fresh faces with loads of talent. we can now call uncles and aunties.

  15. Go with both of them. Make a fun normal romantic movie. Its been a while one of those were released. Lately its been all rubbish.

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