Barbara Mori graces Sky View


Barbara Mori, who starrs opposite Hrithik Roshan in upcoming flick Kites, features on the cover of Sky View magazine. Like her?

10 thoughts on “Barbara Mori graces Sky View

  1. Hahahaha! comment:4 Raj & comment: 8 Mine plz relax lol

    You two big head havnt got the point. If you go down you’ll see the cover for Suzanne so i just compared that mori better than roshan. The cover looks better so do Mori thts y i compared with the cover page of suzanne cuz i like Mori better. And Raj suzanne let me correct u…she isnt a career woman but a housewife only. I’m not judging nything…jus throwing out my opinion so no hard feeling :)

  2. Barbara got herself a new nose since Kites. Look at the stills from Kites to see the difference. She definitely had some work done.

    I liked her look before the surgery. Now she looks like a fake HW wannabe.

  3. Barbara is Latina – she is beautiful n sexy and it must have been hard for Hrithik to reist her plus her accent. He is really hot himself but don’t know if she gave in to him or not. Suzanne seems nice as his wife.

  4. # 4 You do not know either one. Barbara Mori is an actress, has to look beautiful at whatever cost! Susan Roshan is a career woman, a mother & a wife, just for that should be respected & it is not for us to judge on what we do not know!

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