Salman is very special:Katrina

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In a recent interview Katrina Kaif revealed that Salman Khan is the most special person in her life apart from her mother.

When the interviewer asked her about her relationship with Salman Khan, she replied,” There are two most special people in my life, one is my mom and the other one is definitely Salman, he is very special.”

Well we hope this special relationship between Sallu-Kat will move onto next level. It would be great to see them in their wedding outfits.

12 thoughts on “Salman is very special:Katrina

  1. #10 ain’t me. Nyways, they look great together. They’re both lucky to have found each other. I just wish their relationship would move forward. It looks like they are at a stand still situation. That is boring! Either you move forward or you don’t.

  2. thats so darn sweet kat, you know that
    she is amazing
    i love her to death because she treats salman the way he shud
    she is honest and above all DROP DEAD GORGEOUS
    media keep linking her up with her co-stars but they are still together!

  3. kat-salman are the hottest nd most genuine ppl on bollywood
    kat always respected him and thats why i like her
    sallu is lucky to have a girl like kat

  4. Aww that is so sweet of her.
    I always admired her honesty and simplicity
    Salman and Katrina are truly the best couple in India.

  5. Katrina is known for giving answers that are backed with thought. While she could be just saying this because her movie is about to release and she needs some more press time, I think it’s genuine.

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