Dev-Freida at BAFTA Awards


Couple Dev Patel and Frieda Pinto walked hand in hand at the 18th BAFTA awards. While Freida sported a ruffled Valentino Spring 2010 dress, Dev wore a suit. Like them?

Freida Pinto and Dev Patel

21 thoughts on “Dev-Freida at BAFTA Awards

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  2. Bollywood did not want Freida, Dev does not have the muscles or face for Bollywood, but they are perfect for the rest of the world. Our loss, their gain!

  3. They are beautiful together and have a great future in movies. I wonder how long it will take her with all the ads, jobs and publicity to get bored with Dev and move onto someone else like she did from her ex. It’s always tough when your man isn’t doing as well as you. She’s done more photoshoots than Dev. Dev is a real gem. I wish them both the very, very best!

  4. theres so much hate towards freida and dev especially from indians, i think thats really strange and twisted how the west embrace them but their very own dislike them so much. perhaps its because the indian audiences feel cheated that freida and dev made it big in hollywood first, like they cheated bollywood in some way. but thats really silly. theyre very good actors, so what if they didnt “struggle” on the bollywood ladder before hitting the big time? just be proud of them and stop the hate.

  5. Funny how nobody wanted her when she was trying out for bollywood and now India us claiming her as their own star – she is star dur to danny Boyle and will be bigger than any other so called bollly star trying to crack the west!!! Go girl!!

  6. Ms Pinto’s acting talent in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ was non-existent. She merely took a ride from the two young actresses before her who played the same character.
    I think Dev is great and can do much better. I don’t believe that Freida can act, and feel that her looks are average.

  7. @ginb~ NO shes lucky datz da reason shes gonna get film.. she ain’t got no talent ..n she ain;t no luks either !!!!

  8. lol j – if only she was ugly.. bt she aint she’s 2 bludy pretty thats y she’s SO annoying cos she can’t act bt she’s gna get put in films 4 her looks.

    and LOL at dev in the secong pic hahahaha – he looks so shocked.

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