Aishwarya Rai Prima Luna ad

Check out Aishwarya Rai’s Longines Prima Luna advertisment. In the end she says that the watch makes her head spin. Like it?

47 thoughts on “Aishwarya Rai Prima Luna ad

  1. She has a stunning face. The ad is too long, and at the end maybe she said “you make my head spin” in hindi and they dubbed it in english for a western tv audience. I did not like her back shots. Everything else worked really well. She’s a great representation of indian beauty, with light eyes that is, because there are many dark haired, dark eyes indian beauties too! She can roll with the punches with any of those younger female stars. She is totally commanding the industry with her salary, and how she can pick and choose her jobs. Noone else can do that. Please leave her alone. People who critisize her are jealous of her success as a WOMAN! That she can have so much money, and get it all ON HER OWN, and not have to depend on A MAN to do it. Sock to the crotch for you haters.

  2. No 40 and 42, you need to get your thoughts straight. You either do not understand where those people who are making such negative comments heading to or you are among those who are jealous of people’s success. Again, let people live, do not be so nasty. Anyway the world will not change in one day. If I start thinking like you then I should call Shah Rukh Khan UNCLE since he is so old (44 years old now) and still wants to do young roles. His face is all wrinkled. Same for Saif Ali Khan. Good for you guys.

  3. # 22 You are funny! By saying that people do not respect their elders, you are actually saying Ash is old. I take no side in this. Bored!

  4. um what does she actually say at the end? its not “you make my head spin” its something else but they have changed the words… i wanna know! its probably something less cheesy!!!!! anyways shes olld. and ugly now, i hate her. she sucks :) EW abhi is way too good for her. she should go live in a tree … ALONE maybe she should just move to america and live with oprah instead, she really liked her. the fake old prune (ash not oprah :P)

  5. she is prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sooooooooooo pretty!!!!!!!!!! i cant even explain she is blessed!!!!!!!

  6. LOLOLoL..what’s funny among these comments are people who love her off. Without you guys, Aish would just be a nobody now. Oh, and the ad is horrible. Gj director, you fail.

  7. people at Longines….
    aishwarya rai inspires me to be able to buy a Longines watch someday! which i promise you i will. aishwarya rai can make anything happen!

  8. there has been no one like her. she makes my head spin. she keeps me motivated and inspires me like a GREEK GODDESS! beautiful Aishwarya FOREVER!

  9. hey anyone can look like aish who puts their makeup on the right way..things that alot of pple dont realise is that photos, and movies, they do alot of photo can make anything look dont think they are perfect in look as its all to do with make up and the photo shoot does the rest…

  10. i agree with 23 and 24…i jus hate her intverviews..she comes across as a very stuck up b*** i appreciate pple who are down to earth..but film stars who are up them selfves..go f urself

  11. to b honest i liked ash before..but after watching her interviews, and her arrogant behaviour..she is so stuck up when it comes to interviews…like she is being so sarcastic…

  12. i dont think pple are jealous of someone who is fake…if you think she is really beautiful tell her to step out of her house without isnt when someonehas loads of makeup on..its when someoone who has nothing on and stil is looking pretty…

  13. Those who call Aishwarya aunty must hate their mum and dad for being old. This reflects your character. You have no respect for old people. What will you do when you become old and wonder what your children will do to you when they find you old. You are not worth to become parents because you will breed bad qualities in your innocent children. For God’s sake leave Aishwarya alone. She is doing her job as any other actress. Maybe she is too goodlooking and you folks get really jealous. Have some manners and respect. If I was the manager of this website, I would ban the comments section. This is giving rise to too much controversy, racism, fanaticism and HATRED. SHAME ON YOU WHO GIVE FREE VENT TO SUCH HATREDNESS.


  15. It didn’t hav 2 be dis long it kinda bored yuuh..n i think we all no english u didn’t hav 2tell us dat she says “you make my head spin” at the end!

  16. SOOOOO BLUDY LONG. i spilt my juice and cleaned up the carpet and the ad was STILL goin on. and they basically kept repeating the same clips over and over.

  17. agree with sana about the ad bit. it is way too long. a ad is supposed to be short and snappy but this takes 4ever. anyway ash looks really beautiful as always

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