Aamir bangaya Ventriloquist


Aamir Khan previously played the role of half-man-half-woman for Tata Sky’s advertisement, now he has turned into a Ventriloquist for Tata Sky’s advert.

Aamir plays the role of Bunty in the advert and his puppet is named active TV, and opens the advert with the line, “Hello main hoon Bunty aur yeh hai mera TV.”

According to commercial adverts experts, Aamir has done a brilliant job as an Ventriloquist, and the ad might be one of the best commercials in Indian advertisements history.

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11 thoughts on “Aamir bangaya Ventriloquist

  1. Heading: Tata Sky is a Looser: Copying DishTV

    Yesterday, Saw the latest Advertisement of Tata Sky (Aamir Khan’s Ad on Active Services): Which i feel is a reaction of Tata Sky on Dishtv’s Shahrukh khan adv on MonsterJobs, Shaadi and Travel Active VAS services which was very Good, meaningful and catchy. Infact I believe Dishtv’s SRK Monster-shaadi-travel adv was more catchy.

    Tata Sky is Just Copying Dishtv.

    Second, in this new Tata Sky Adv (Even in their old adv Also) their main focus is on Aamir Khan, ie Tata Sky focus more on Aamir khan or create more hype on Aamir Khan on the adv and so that the actual product feature of Tata Sky is lost. Also their actual communication was lost, due to this main focus on Aamir, viewers actually forgot what they are talking about.

    Thirdly, they have introduced even a Single new active service in last one year or so.

    Fourthly, Most of the active services are paid on Tata Sky, especially those which are featured in the adv.

    Fifth they have already lost their No.2 Position and i hope in coming years they continues to fall.

    In Comparision if we see active services on other DTH like Dishtv:-
    which are very good, informative, helpful and based on viewers need Like Monster jobs Active, Shaadi Active, Travel Active, Icici Active All these services are very good informative and helpful for every user.

    Secondly, Dishtv’s Active Active are so good that they have won international iTV special award for their active services.

    Thirdly, Shahrukh Khan’s Advertisement on active service are much better as compared with this new Tata Sky Advertisement.

    Forthly, Most important is all the active services are free on Dishtv, Dishtv provides all active free of cost to their viewers.

    Last but not the least Dishtv is undisputed market leader with over 6 million subscriber base. Sun direct is at No.2 where Tata Sky Stands at No.3 position and i believe soon they lost this position of No.3 as well to upcoming Airtel DTH Which is also good.

    Further if we talk about other active services on Tata Sky which are quite normal and are available on other platforms too.

  2. Its takes a great deal of effort to become a Ventriloquist, not all can throw their voices. Just a comment for those who feel the ad wasnt a big deal. Also Aamir is a through and thorough actor not like a regular chick flick romancer with flowery dialogues and beefed up bodies.

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