Kareena sizzles on Hi!Blitz


Check out Kareena Kapoor looking really beautiful on the front cover of Hi!Blitz magazine’s latest edition, where they are celebrating 50 Most Beautiful Anniversary Special.Like her folks?

26 thoughts on “Kareena sizzles on Hi!Blitz

  1. she is looking gorgeous and whoever dont like her or her look then they r jealous of her,,,,she is awsome,,,,and she is one n only

  2. (pari… angel) is jealous. Some fat ole ass behind the computer. Kareena looks beautiful, love the look on the cover.

  3. Wow, she looks really classy and beautiful.She always looked best in tradiitonal wear, so he her sister karisma.Both sisters are classy.

  4. Got to admit she looks good when she turns her face the other way… because we cant see that square face, the clothes are ugly.

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