Suzanne Roshan Harper's Bazaar photoshoot


Hrithik Roshan’s wife Suzanne Roshan is the latest cover girl for Harper Bazaar, she will be featuring in their November issue.Suzanne will be seen sporting the diamond necklace that Nicole Kidman wore for Oscar 2008,it’s world’s largest diamond necklace, check out the necklace in the last pic.

Check out the photoshoot. Her sucked in eyes sometimes make her look scary.Like her? BTW Happy Halloween Folks 😉


14 thoughts on “Suzanne Roshan Harper's Bazaar photoshoot

  1. how ugyl pr*stitue looking this druggie bi&ch suzzane is!!!what did hrithik saw her?????????????why such good looking man married to this fu*ly sl*t.?????she is sooooooooo WORST

    1. how fake n liar u r!!obviously,susanne is one of the ugliest wasted ‘human’ i have ever seen…i don’t think hrithik even thinks about such an ugly annoying wasted wife!!eww

  2. I think Celebden should not make comments like that! Maybe you should delete yourself?
    Suzanne Roshan is a lady, a wife & a mother who always conducts herself with class, she deserves more respect.

  3. You cant really tell she is wearing the largest diamond necklace in the last pic!! She looks nice in the pic where she is wearing the purple dress and the first one the others are ok!!

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