Kareena's eyes in Kurbaan


Kareena Kapoor is seen sporting minimum make-up in Kurbaan, except for her eyes which are heavily kohld and made up. Check out her eyes in Kurbaan.Her eyes look lovely.

18 thoughts on “Kareena's eyes in Kurbaan

  1. omg ,, kareena look fab yhh n other people who are sayiin she dont look nicee ,,they should go n look in the fuckin mirror! because the way kareena looks its jus gawjuss ,,if he wasnt pweeti she wouldnt even get a chance to come in the film industry soo i dunno wat the heck people dayiin shes ugkyy,, soo i absoutely think kareena looks gawjus and pweeti unlike others who are commenting on this post.:D

  2. its ur own destiny of what skin couler u have. i dont know why some people want their daughters to be all fair anf not dark. so what?? anyway bebo looks lovely i have seen the trailers and the songs r really nice!! love u bebo XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxxXxXxXxxxx

  3. No matter what skin colour you have its always beautiful, and yes she does look gorgeous, and her eyes are just captivating.

    People need to stop hating her, its not her fault if she has a fair skin tone, and vice a versa. what god gives you thats the best for you. And she makes the most out of it.

    I like Bebo, no matter what.

  4. i can’t see how people likes her.she is Ugly…i puke everytime I c her. saif has a terrible choice when choosing women.

  5. 6-Angel


    “But it’s better than being dark and ugly Like other celebrities..” In case you haven’t noticed Angel, there is nothing wrong with having dark skin. Indian celebrities should have dark skin. Indian people are a dark skinned race. When will Indians stop thinking they are white and stop trying to be white and just accept being dark?

  6. it is not the first time she paint her eyes so. She has been so in the movie Asoka

    People say she is red in the face when she has makeup and without makeup. But it’s better than being dark and ugly Like other celebrities..

    She is beautiful and cute, people think she’s ugly should see themselves in the mirror first!

  7. Yes her eyes look fab but she is still wearing other makeup its obvious but she still looks good with minimal makeup on the last pic!!

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