Model's skin damaged at Shila Shetty's spa


An upcoming model’s skin was disfigured at Shilpa Shetty’s spa Iosis in bid to get fairer.

Gaur Khan,22, who has appeared in many ads, signed for 14-session glow and pigmentation therapies, and paid thirty-eight thousand for the same.

However in three month her skin started to disfigure and a year later her skin has completely disfigured.The spa is owned by actress Shilpa Shetty and Kiran Bawa.

Gauri says, “I was always very presentable but decided to deal with the niggling issue of dull skin by going for the glow treatment at Iosis in June 2008. However within two-three months itself my skin began to deteriorate. I panicked but a doctor at Iosis kept assuring me that everything would be fine.“By January this year, my entire face was disfigured. When I asked the spa for my money back they flatly refused and when I pointed out about Shilpa Shetty endorsing the spa, Kiran Bawa told me, “Not everybody can become a Shilpa Shetty.” I am a model and my entire earning is dependent on my face. I told them, ‘I don’t wish to be Shilpa Shetty but please give my face back.’ I have lost everything.”

But owner Kiran Bawa begs to differ, “I am aware of this person and whatever has happened is due to her own mistake. We had told her categorically that she should not go out in the sun whilst under treatment but she did not pay heed.Apart from that she also disappeared for three months during the treatment and one fine day turned up at the spa saying that she was a poor person, and that we should please return her money.My manager refused. Now I am not someone who would cheat people for Rs thirty-eight thousand but this is the class and culture of these people. I have all the proof and pictures to prove that what I am saying is true.”

Gauri has sent a legal notice to Iosis owners Shilpa and Kiran for compensation of seventeen lakhs in damages.

15 thoughts on “Model's skin damaged at Shila Shetty's spa

  1. That`s horrible if it`s true my heart, prayers and good wishes go out to this woman . But somehow I can`t help but think it`s karma for tryin` whiten and disfigure the beauty that is brown skin .

  2. this is rubbish she should have listened to the instructions and if her face was that perfect what was she trying to get done?

  3. Anyone with a brain can see that’s not the same person, shape of the eyes are different, cheek bones structure are different….facial no matter how bad, does not damaged bones!!

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