Salman Khan & Asin at London Dreams Premier Dubai


Dressed in a green Falguni and Shane Peacock gown, Asin made all the ladies in Dubai go green with envy when she walked arm in arm with Salman Khan on the red carpet of London Dream’s Dubai Premiere. Salman looked debonair in a semi formal attire. Watch out for London Dreams folks… it surely seems worth a dekko!


19 thoughts on “Salman Khan & Asin at London Dreams Premier Dubai

  1. I know asin she is a goog girl and a pakka professional,,,,,it doesnt mean they are in love,,,,,,actresses like priyanka and rani etc are behind this attack

  2. Looking forward to this movie! Asin’s stunning always! Glad that her many awards for Ghajini hasn’t made her uppity! I hope she does really well in B/Wood. I read elsewhere that she spent quite a bit of time on her birthday with the kids from her building – now that’s a simpleton to still share her special day with kids! Also read that she’s been turning down some film offers as she does not want to be scantily clad nor carry out awkward (steamy) scenes. Way to go Asin – proud of your Indian culture. I just hope this doesn’t mar her career tho.

  3. asin looks stunning. to my old friends my new name is sheya and i bet u know me cause i used to be a name begining with the letter J but recently got banned as someone was faking me and so people thought that was the real one when it was the fake one.

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